Sometimes I feel so old…

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tuesday night at the movies definitely was one of those times.

Kimm and I had decided that we were going to go see The Proposal on Tuesday night because we both love Sandra Bullock as an actress, the movies on Tuesdays are only $6, and we just wanted to treat ourselves out.  Well, I guess we should have realized that if we thought $6 was a good deal for a movie, then everyone and their brother probably thought the same thing 🙂  When we pulled into the parking lot,  it was jammed full.  I knew immediately that this was NOT a good sign!  When we went inside the line to get tickets was so long!  And we had kind of gotten there without much time to spare, maybe 5 minutes.  Well it took us over five minutes to get through the line.  The line was mostly composed of teenagers.  Loud, obnoxious teenagers.  Maybe I’m just being old-fashioned, but I think that teenagers should be more respectful of the people around them, regardless of where they are.

The good thing was that there were not too many of the kids at the movie we were at.  If they had been, I may have been driven crazy!  It was bad enough that when I went to go get the popcorn, when I came back, this guy and his son had sat down two seats away from Kimm.  There were like 200 other seats in the theater, and they had to choose those seats!

Once the movie started, things got better.  I forgot all about the kids and just enjoyed myself.  The movie was funny, but still not as good as Miss Congeniality or Two Weeks Notice.  But it made me laugh, and that’s what I needed!

I know now though why I prefer to stay at home.  Less people to aggravate me when I go out 🙂

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