Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did I get your attention?

I hope so.  Because the big news happens to be that my SWEETIE has finally started her OWN BLOG!!! That’s right. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I kept bugging hinting that she would find it to be a very creative outlet.  I say this because she is very opinionated, and usually I am the only person who hears what she has to say.  I kept saying to her…”you should really start a blog and let others know what you think too.”

And so yesterday, she did 🙂

I feel like a proud mama!

Please take a moment and check out her blog.  It’s aptly named Rants.  It gives her the perfect opportunity to vent to the (blog) world about her frustrations with many of the stupid stuff that happens in our society.

I love reading her mind.  Even though she’s only written two posts I can’t wait to read more.

So visit her site, read her views, and if you agree or disagree, leave a comment to start a discussion.  I love that what she writes can spark CONVERSATION.

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BAD Friend

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight Kimm and I got together with Kathleen, a friend of mine from where we used to work–I think we’ve been friends for about 10 years!  Wow!

However, I have been a very bad friend and have not seen her for almost a YEAR!  I feel really guilty about this.  What with the move to the new house, and my crazy overnight work schedule and our busy life, we just never connected.

But we FINALLY made plans to get together tonight and the thing I really loved was that we could just start chatting as if it had only been a short time since we had seen each other.  I really LIKE that about old friends.

We had a nice time catching up and also had a yummy snack of lemon cake…mmm…

However, the first part of the day left me feeling not very accomplished.  First of all I slept in until 11 am!  So there went half the day right away.  After having a few cups of decaf coffee we headed out for a few errands.  I wanted to try to switch over to decaf coffee in order to cut down on my caffeine consumption–I really liked the taste of it, I couldn’t tell the difference between this and regular coffee!  First, we went to the library to drop off my books that were due, then to Bob’s Furniture (to get our $10 back from the living room furniture we never purchased–but of course we have to wait for them to mail us a check in 7-14 business days–how frustrating!), and then finally to Saver’s (a thrift store…we didn’t find much…found them to be kind of overpriced).

After that it was already time to come back home and get ready for Kathleen to come over.  We had to shower and eat something.  So as you can see, the day kind of just disappeared!  I hate it when that happens.

On a happier note, it did NOT rain today.  But it was kind of muggy.  We looked at the garden–whoa!  Has it taken off!  No picture today but tomorrow I’ll take the camera out.

The rest of the night will be just for relaxing and maybe tomorrow we can get more of our “to do” list done 🙂

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Evil Rain Demons!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It has been raining ALL day.  That is a little much, even for me.  I am especially annoyed because my new wipers squeak and that is HIGHLY irritating.

Kimm is NOT a fan of rain, or at least of rain when it is non-stop like today and there is not a single sunny day in the next week’s weather forcast!  The rain makes her a little CRANKY!  I can say this because I love her and she loves me 🙂

Today is my first day off of FIVE days off…whoo, whoo!  So I will hopefully not let a little bit of rain ruin my mini va-ca!

I got up at 3:30 pm and then we decided to go grocery shopping since we had put it off the other day.  Kind of ironic that we had postponed it because it was raining that day, and today we went and it was raining anyway 🙂  It was at the grocery store that Kimm cheered up a bit and said, “I’m not going to let those evil rain demons ruin my mood!”  As soon as she said that, I KNEW that would be the title of my post tonight 🙂

Then we had an amazing meal of veggie burgers with fried onions and tomatoes, with a fresh salad with cucumbers and tomatoes on the side.  REALLY hit the spot.  Sometimes you really just crave those veggies.

Tonight we are basically going to relax.  I forsee some guacamole and ice cream possibly.

Tomorrow’s plans (in the rain, of course!):

*  Enjoy some coffee while I read my blogs in the morning

*  Clean the bathrooms (they REALLY need it)

*  Put up the curtains in the dining room

*  Iron the curtains in the living room

*  Go to Saver’s (a discount thrift store)–just to look around

*  Hit the library (books are due)

*  Read some New Moon (just got it)

*  Barnes and Noble???  (and maybe a Mint Chocolate Frappacino…oh yeah, baby)

*  Get together with friends who haven’t seen the house yet

And who knows what else…whatever strikes our fancy!

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No Computers at Work Make for a STRESSFUL Night!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, it was a stressful night at work because there was a computer update that took 5 hours.  So no computers from 1 am to 6 am.  So everything was written down on sheets of paper, which I’ve never done before.  And then when the computers came back on at  6 am everything had to be backlogged.  So you kind of felt like you did everything twice.  It was a long evening and I was glad to leave–unfortunately I left about a half hour later than normal because of all that, and then I also ran into traffic on the way home.  So by the time I had my toast (good ol’ standby!) and caught up on my blogs, I’m heading to bed MUCH later than normal.  But if I don’t blog when I get home, I never have time before work.

While going through my blogs I happened upon this article in my CNN news blog, stating Melissa Etheridge’s pro-medicinal marijuana stance.  What do you think about this?  I TOTALLY think that medicinal marijuana should be legalized.  It’s a drug like any other drug.  If it provides appropriate pain/anti-nausea relief then it should be available without the worry of being arrested.  I mean, morphine is an opiate, and has been used like FOREVER, and we don’t even question that.  It’s just when people hear “marijuana” their brains are just tuned to think BAD because of all the negative publicity it gets with drug use.  Arghh…what is wrong with this nation??!!  What is YOUR opinion?  Go Melissa!

Okay, bed here I come.  I’m sure I’ll be asleep in about 30 seconds!  One more day and then a mini-vaca!  FIVE days off!

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All-Natural Peanut Butter?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If you are anything like me, for most of my life I have eaten brand-name peanut butter, mostly Skippy.  It was and still is delicious!  However, I’m trying to eat healthier and there is a lot of extra sugar and stuff in peanut butter that really doesn’t need to be there.  The ingredients in Skippy = roasted peanuts, sugar (3 grams per 2 tablespoons!), partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (cottonseed, soybean, and rapeseed…what is this?) to prevent separation, salt.   I’ve always wanted to try an all-natural peanut butter, but been a little afraid–I mean, really, all that oil floating on the top??  Didn’t look too appealing to me.  But then I realized that I shouldn’t judge a food until I tried it 🙂  So when Kimm and I made our trip a while back to Whole Foods, I bought a jar of all-natural peanut butter, and HOLY COW it is so good.


Brand: 365

Sure, I had to do a lot of stirring the first time I opened the jar, but then the oil doesn’t separate out anymore.  It’s a bit more soft/soupy than I am used to, but ohhhh, really, the flavor is so much more real and intense…more peanutty.  I got the kind that is salted…what can I say, I love me my salt!  This is wonderful on toast, or to dip my apples in!  I’m sure there are tons more options, like in oatmeal, or to dip carrots, and mixed in yogurt, mixed in smoothies…I could go on 🙂  The best thing is that there are only TWO ingredients…peanuts and salt.  That’s it.  It’s nice to know that there are no extra preservatives, sugar, or unpronounceable ingredients.  My jar is nearing its end so I need to get some more!

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Not Feeling So Well…

Monday, June 15, 2009

I guess it’s a good thing that I have off tonight since I really feel pretty awful.  It all started this morning about 1 1/2 hours before my shift ended.  I just started getting this horrible stomachache and it’s never gone away.  I was hoping that after I woke up from my “nap” that I would feel better, but NOPE!  In fact I actually felt worse.  I feel very achy, my legs are sore, even my hair hurts!  I’m not exactly sure why I’m feeling this way, but one thing is that I got my TB test last night and I’m thinking maybe a slight reaction??  Or I could just be run down…All I know is that I hope I feel better tomorrow because I do have to go to work.  So excited because two more nights on and then FIVE off 🙂  Really looking forward to that.

For right now, I think I will just relax in the chair and ottoman–yep, I kicked the cats off 🙂  I think Madeline was not happy with me–she’s been a little devil tonight 🙂

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Rain, rain…makes the garden HAPPY!

Sunday, June 12, 2009

Although I’m not a big fan of rain usually (unless I can be at home and curl up with a good book!) the garden has definitely enjoyed all the rainy weather that has come our way.  Everything is growing by leaps and bounds.

Here’s a look…


Look at all that green!


From the left…cucumbers, beans, carrots, lettuce, and YES, the green and red peppers have started to peak through–although the zucchini that is next to them MAY crowd them out…no strawberries (left front–maybe next year??)


Again, from the left…lettuce, green/red peppers (hard to see from this angle, but they ARE there!), zucchini, yellow squash, radishes on right bottom corner, the tomato plants are getting HUGE, and then the dill, cilantro, and basil (from top to bottom).

And STILL NO WEEDS!!  I have to say, I am loving this type of gardening…no weeding…and hardly having to water because of all the rain!  Hopefully I haven’t jinxed myself 🙂

Just to let everyone know, I had a really good night at work last night.  I have been floating more and more down to the intermediate care unit and I have to say, I really enjoy that unit.  Everyone is so much more of a team…and the aides are great helps.  Plus you hardly ever have more than four patients.  The pace is so much more calm and you can actually take the time that is needed to help your patients.  I am seriously considering a move to that floor if a 12 hour overnight position opens up.  They are moving the unit up to the 4th floor soon and there will be 8 more beds, so I am thinking that they MAY need another overnight nurse.  I will keep my fingers crossed.  I could really use a change and this would be the perfect opportunity to learn some additional skills and get some experience with more critical care.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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Telling Fortunes…

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yesterday, Kimm and I decided to REWARD ourselves for all of our hard work on the living room by ordering out our favorite Chinese food.  It was yummy!

We didn’t open our three fortune cookies yesterday because we were too stuffed at the end of our meal.  But today, when we had the rest of the leftovers (STILL so good!), we had room.

I think that each of our individual fortunes, as well as our “shared” fortune, were right on!

Here’s mine…


Me thinks this is referring to my desire to tackle painting ALL of the kitchen cabinets when we do the kitchen next!

And Kimm’s…


Could this be referring (keeping our fingers crossed!) to Kimm’s interview for a job next Tuesday!

And our together one…


How very true!

I tell you, if you are unsure about your life, go get some Chinese food and see what your fortune predicts 🙂

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Another Long Day (OR…Mostly Decorated Living Room)

Friday, June 12, 2009

My back and neck and feet are really sore.

But the living room is, for the most part, done.  The only thing that we really need to do is order the TV stand, put CDs in the CD holder, and place a few more decorative items/artwork strategically around the room.

We were going at it from 9 am this morning (which is when Madeline felt the need to wake us up–I think I’ve come to the conclusion that she likes having company).  We finished about 4 pm.  So it really was a long day of working.  Actually, when Kimm and I thought about it, we’ve been working like crazy on this room since last week when we did the painting.

This home improvement stuff is hard work.

But, oh, SO REWARDING.  I just love looking around our living room.  It just looks so nice!

Here is a 360 degree tour…


Notice the nice DVD rack (it took us about an hour to try to figure out how we were going to arrange all the dvds–we are such perfectionists…lol!)


Close up of our awesome sunburst mirror (so 50s!), and the cute little elephant tea light holder (which has teal that picks up on the teal of the curtains), plus our cool Asian-looking bowls…love this corner…


The other corner…see everyone is in their place…Kimm watching the final hockey game, and the cats on the chair and ottoman 🙂


The desk is now on the other side of the room…


Close up of the desk…we want to get a smaller lamp on it, and also those cds will eventually be in the cd holder 🙂


The cd holder corner…minus the cds (!)–those still have to be brought up from the basement (SIX boxes worth!)–the holder is supposed to hold 727 cds, so we shall see since Kimm has close to that number of cs–we pretty much filled the dvd holder so we will have to find more storage solutions in the future…


Close up of the cd holder…with our yellow vase and two new pictures on top (TOTAL bargain at Target–$2.98 each!)

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoyed the tour.

Now of course…we are already thinking of our next project…we are nerds right!  It will be the kitchen, which will be a sunflower yellow, and I also want to repaint the cabinets the color all the trim work has been thus far.  So that is ANOTHER huge task.  But I’m not going to think about it right now.  It will all happen in good time.  For now I will simply enjoy the living room!

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“Grown Up” Living Room Furniture!!

** postdated for Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today we FINALLY got our new living room furniture.  This was the first time either of us had ever had NEW furniture…before it was always hand me downs.  So believe me when I say we were wicked excited!

Our 4 hour window of time was 10 am to 2 pm, and they said that they would call one hour before coming.  We set our alarm for 9 am so we could hopefully get a cup of coffee in before they came.  Wouldn’t you know that they called at 9:15 am and said they would be there within about 45 minutes.  And so right away we had to take the old couch out to the garage because they don’t take it away.  What an early morning workout!  I was sweating by the time we were done.  And it was a good thing that our neighbor’s Thunderbird was no longer in the garage.  Otherwise the couch would not have fit.


No more having to cover the couch with a sheet and blankets!


Madeline not knowing what to do with the “naked” couch 🙂


Kimm will miss it too–we loved how long this couch was…


Our couch looks so lonely all alone in the garage…we will miss you, you have served us well (I honestly cannot believe I have had this couch for about 10 years, and then when I first got it, I had to tie it to the top of my car to drive it home from the thrift store!)

Even though the deliverymen said they would come within 1/2 hour, they didn’t come until almost one and a half hours later.   And they had never called again saying that they were running late.  I REALLY hate that…it’s so RUDE.  And even when they came, they never even apologized for being late.  But at that point I didn’t really care too much because I saw the beautiful furniture!   It had been so long since we had picked out the furniture, I had kind of forgotten what it looked like!  It was just as nice as I remembered!

We got three pieces–a couch, chair and ottoman.


The couch…much shorter than our old couch…that will take some getting used to!


Chair and ottoman…couldn’t get a picture without one of the cats…they loved the new furniture and IMMEDIATELY got on it 🙂 (here’s Madeline)


And here’s Charlie!


And the both of them…seriously, they never got off this furniture…good thing we don’t have many people come over!

The remainder of the day was spent doing pretty much two things.  First we went to Target to get more curtain rods to hang the curtains in the living room, and also to get some cd/dvd holders we had seen there the last time.  Of course that place is dangerous and we got some other stuff too–shoes, household cleaning items, a decorative piece for the living room wall, and some wall art.  We have to avoid that store in the future!  Secondly, we put up the curtains.  Let me tell you, that was QUITE a task!  It would be too complicated to explain all of our issues, but let me just say that what should have taken an hour tops, took about four hours.  But, it did get done. And we put the area rug down as well.


Ignore our shirts hanging out on the couch!  I just love the teal curtains…and the rug makes a huge difference bringing the room together…

Now we just have to put stuff back in the room and decorate.  I know it will look even more amazing once it is all done.

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