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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I should have known that after having FIVE LOVELY days off, that I was due for a whopper.

Last night I did NOT have a good night.  It was just full of frustrating happenings, nothing big that I can particularly say made the evening horrible, but lots of little, annoying things that added up to a night where I wanted to pull my hair out by the time I left (which was an hour late, I might add).

Let’s just say…

I HATE it when doctors don’t call back right away (what’s the sense of having a doctor on site when it takes over a half hour to call back!)

I HATE it when the emergency room keeps a patient for 12 hours and then wants to send them up to you, but you are waiting for the doctor to call back on another patient, so can’t leave the floor, but they keep calling and calling, “when are you coming…,” “this patient is ready…,” etc., etc.

And then I HATE that when that patient finally comes to the floor, even though she’s been in the ER for 12 hours, she has pain and nausea, even though the last time she was medicated for this was like 9 hours prior!

And then I also hate to find out that a patient that you are covering for the LPN has a heartrate close to 160 (!!) and that she is comfort measures, and that later, even though you medicated her and tried to make her comfortable, you didn’t really and then later she passes (which is probably for the best since her quality of life is gone) but it still sucks to see a patient die, especially one that you were in the room less than an hour ago…

And I really HATE when the ER sees that a patient has a low H and H (blood levels) and needs to get a blood transfusion, but they only put in a # 22, when they KNOW that that patient will need a #20 to get blood–so then you have to try to start an IV but of course you are so frustrated that the needle practically jumps away from the vein!

And I also HATE it when patients are jumping out of bed and there is not enough staff around to make sure that everyone is safe

And I especially HATE it when a patient is young and could cooperate, but won’t and when you ask them to take their medication, they stick their tongue out at you and cover their head with the blanket

And I HATE it when a patient is incontinent of stool all over the bathroom floor

And I HATE dealing with rectal tubes…never fun…they leak and they smell!

And I HATE going non-stop for 13 hours with only time to gulp down a cup of coffee

And I HATE having to stay late to finish everything up and not get paid for it because your hospital is CHEAP

And one more thing I HATE is when you try to vent to another nurse and instead of just listening, they tell you how horrible THEIR night is!

Okay, now I think you have just an INKLING of an understanding of how my night was.  And there was more stuff that I hated, believe me.  But I’m so tired right now that all I want to do is climb into bed.

I know I shouldn’t complain, because I only work three days a week, but seriously, hospitals are supposed to be where you feel you are making a difference in people’s lives when they are sick and where you should have lots of support for doing that…and often that doesn’t happen at all.  If this country gave a damn, then there would be more nurses so that the patient load would not be as high and you could actually provide quality care.

So I guess the thing that I HATE THE MOST is that I don’t feel like I have the time to give all the care that I WANT to give to the patients I have.  And that is really frustrating.  Because most nurses want to be the best they can, but they are just too damn worn out and tired.  And that’s just not right.

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