Comfort Food…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have to go to work today…boo, hoo!

Oh well, I should be grateful for having all those days off in a row, for HAVING a job when so many people struggle to find a job, and to have a job where I have to go in only three days a week, and where I get paid fairly well, and have wonderful co-workers.  There!  I gave myself a pretty good pep talk 🙂

It’s still not so nice out.  So for lunch I decided on a good comfort food meal…grilled cheese and tomato soup!



Now I am off to try to take a nap before work since I didn’t sleep very well last night.  I don’t feel like I was very productive today but I did manage to do a load of laundry and also all the dishes that I ignored yesterday!

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Mint Mocha Chip Frappuccino!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yep, today we did a B & N run and treated ourselves to a little treat.  I have been thinking of this drink since the last time we went to Barnes and Noble and Kimm ordered it.  It was wonderful from first sip–incredibly rich and refreshing.

I purchased this bad boy tonight.


Only $14.95 and then 20% off…so only $11.96 for over 200 recipes!

I want to broaden our basic recipe selection and this book contained a lot of recipes that I thought we would actually eat.  Often I find that when I look through vegetarian cookbooks there are a lot of meals with ingredients that we would not eat.  But this cookbook had many pasta meals, Mexican based meals, and different soups.  I’m excited to experiment with new meal ideas.

Today our new TV stand finally arrived as well.  We put it together after Kimm mowed the lawn.  She was extremely lucky to be able to mow today.  There was a 50% chance of rain, but she was DETERMINED to get the lawn mowed since we have nothing but rain in the forcast for the next week or so.  The result: she did it!  She went as fast as she could and got the entire lawn mowed in record time.  And wouldn’t you know that it started to rain about 1/2 hour after she finished!  I think we were the only people in the neighborhood mowing today.  But then again, now we are the only ones with a nice looking lawn.  I love that she puts these nice little stripes in the lawn–it looks so professional.  I felt so bad–her face was so red when she came in!  But thankfully after a shower, she cooled down a bit.

But, back to the TV stand.  I figured it would take about an hour to put together, but based on all of the problems we’ve been having with everything else in the house, I doubled the time, and said, TWO hours.  Well, we did get it put together in record time: 50 minutes!  But then we ran into trouble as we were trying to put all of the electrical equipment in it–turns out that the cd player and stereo did not fit.  So as for now they are still in their same place.  We will have to figure out what to do with them since we were hoping to put more storage next to the TV stand.  But we will just think on it and determine what to do eventually.


The Stand–Espresso finish, with glass fronts


Close up…

For a snack tonight I had yogurt with granola and raisins and a bit of honey.  Very tasty.


I love this combination…reminds me of Michfest every time


I love maple flavored things…

Madeline was being cute tonight–


She likes sitting on the back of the new couch…especially when we are eating (I guess that picture was pretty dark…but still so adorable)

I’m so sad that my five day mini-va-ca is O.V.E.R.  😦 I still have tomorrow during the day, but that’s it.  Where did the time go?  I swear, the older I get, the faster every day goes.

Before I sign off for tonight I want to wish a VERY HAPPY birthday to my mom!  She turns 65 today!  She and my dad were supposed to be camping in Shawno but the camper broke so they are at home.  So since my brother had Eric this whole week, they came over for a grill-out and some cake and ice cream.  I wish I was there for that 🙂  Mom, I hope you have a wonderful year!  I love you so much!

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