Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did I get your attention?

I hope so.  Because the big news happens to be that my SWEETIE has finally started her OWN BLOG!!! That’s right. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and I kept bugging hinting that she would find it to be a very creative outlet.  I say this because she is very opinionated, and usually I am the only person who hears what she has to say.  I kept saying to her…”you should really start a blog and let others know what you think too.”

And so yesterday, she did 🙂

I feel like a proud mama!

Please take a moment and check out her blog.  It’s aptly named Rants.  It gives her the perfect opportunity to vent to the (blog) world about her frustrations with many of the stupid stuff that happens in our society.

I love reading her mind.  Even though she’s only written two posts I can’t wait to read more.

So visit her site, read her views, and if you agree or disagree, leave a comment to start a discussion.  I love that what she writes can spark CONVERSATION.

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