BAD Friend

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tonight Kimm and I got together with Kathleen, a friend of mine from where we used to work–I think we’ve been friends for about 10 years!  Wow!

However, I have been a very bad friend and have not seen her for almost a YEAR!  I feel really guilty about this.  What with the move to the new house, and my crazy overnight work schedule and our busy life, we just never connected.

But we FINALLY made plans to get together tonight and the thing I really loved was that we could just start chatting as if it had only been a short time since we had seen each other.  I really LIKE that about old friends.

We had a nice time catching up and also had a yummy snack of lemon cake…mmm…

However, the first part of the day left me feeling not very accomplished.  First of all I slept in until 11 am!  So there went half the day right away.  After having a few cups of decaf coffee we headed out for a few errands.  I wanted to try to switch over to decaf coffee in order to cut down on my caffeine consumption–I really liked the taste of it, I couldn’t tell the difference between this and regular coffee!  First, we went to the library to drop off my books that were due, then to Bob’s Furniture (to get our $10 back from the living room furniture we never purchased–but of course we have to wait for them to mail us a check in 7-14 business days–how frustrating!), and then finally to Saver’s (a thrift store…we didn’t find much…found them to be kind of overpriced).

After that it was already time to come back home and get ready for Kathleen to come over.  We had to shower and eat something.  So as you can see, the day kind of just disappeared!  I hate it when that happens.

On a happier note, it did NOT rain today.  But it was kind of muggy.  We looked at the garden–whoa!  Has it taken off!  No picture today but tomorrow I’ll take the camera out.

The rest of the night will be just for relaxing and maybe tomorrow we can get more of our “to do” list done 🙂

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