No Computers at Work Make for a STRESSFUL Night!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes, it was a stressful night at work because there was a computer update that took 5 hours.  So no computers from 1 am to 6 am.  So everything was written down on sheets of paper, which I’ve never done before.  And then when the computers came back on at  6 am everything had to be backlogged.  So you kind of felt like you did everything twice.  It was a long evening and I was glad to leave–unfortunately I left about a half hour later than normal because of all that, and then I also ran into traffic on the way home.  So by the time I had my toast (good ol’ standby!) and caught up on my blogs, I’m heading to bed MUCH later than normal.  But if I don’t blog when I get home, I never have time before work.

While going through my blogs I happened upon this article in my CNN news blog, stating Melissa Etheridge’s pro-medicinal marijuana stance.  What do you think about this?  I TOTALLY think that medicinal marijuana should be legalized.  It’s a drug like any other drug.  If it provides appropriate pain/anti-nausea relief then it should be available without the worry of being arrested.  I mean, morphine is an opiate, and has been used like FOREVER, and we don’t even question that.  It’s just when people hear “marijuana” their brains are just tuned to think BAD because of all the negative publicity it gets with drug use.  Arghh…what is wrong with this nation??!!  What is YOUR opinion?  Go Melissa!

Okay, bed here I come.  I’m sure I’ll be asleep in about 30 seconds!  One more day and then a mini-vaca!  FIVE days off!

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