“Grown Up” Living Room Furniture!!

** postdated for Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today we FINALLY got our new living room furniture.  This was the first time either of us had ever had NEW furniture…before it was always hand me downs.  So believe me when I say we were wicked excited!

Our 4 hour window of time was 10 am to 2 pm, and they said that they would call one hour before coming.  We set our alarm for 9 am so we could hopefully get a cup of coffee in before they came.  Wouldn’t you know that they called at 9:15 am and said they would be there within about 45 minutes.  And so right away we had to take the old couch out to the garage because they don’t take it away.  What an early morning workout!  I was sweating by the time we were done.  And it was a good thing that our neighbor’s Thunderbird was no longer in the garage.  Otherwise the couch would not have fit.


No more having to cover the couch with a sheet and blankets!


Madeline not knowing what to do with the “naked” couch 🙂


Kimm will miss it too–we loved how long this couch was…


Our couch looks so lonely all alone in the garage…we will miss you, you have served us well (I honestly cannot believe I have had this couch for about 10 years, and then when I first got it, I had to tie it to the top of my car to drive it home from the thrift store!)

Even though the deliverymen said they would come within 1/2 hour, they didn’t come until almost one and a half hours later.   And they had never called again saying that they were running late.  I REALLY hate that…it’s so RUDE.  And even when they came, they never even apologized for being late.  But at that point I didn’t really care too much because I saw the beautiful furniture!   It had been so long since we had picked out the furniture, I had kind of forgotten what it looked like!  It was just as nice as I remembered!

We got three pieces–a couch, chair and ottoman.


The couch…much shorter than our old couch…that will take some getting used to!


Chair and ottoman…couldn’t get a picture without one of the cats…they loved the new furniture and IMMEDIATELY got on it 🙂 (here’s Madeline)


And here’s Charlie!


And the both of them…seriously, they never got off this furniture…good thing we don’t have many people come over!

The remainder of the day was spent doing pretty much two things.  First we went to Target to get more curtain rods to hang the curtains in the living room, and also to get some cd/dvd holders we had seen there the last time.  Of course that place is dangerous and we got some other stuff too–shoes, household cleaning items, a decorative piece for the living room wall, and some wall art.  We have to avoid that store in the future!  Secondly, we put up the curtains.  Let me tell you, that was QUITE a task!  It would be too complicated to explain all of our issues, but let me just say that what should have taken an hour tops, took about four hours.  But, it did get done. And we put the area rug down as well.


Ignore our shirts hanging out on the couch!  I just love the teal curtains…and the rug makes a huge difference bringing the room together…

Now we just have to put stuff back in the room and decorate.  I know it will look even more amazing once it is all done.

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