Living Room = Done

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I never thought this moment would come, but the living room is finally painted!  Unfortunately I had to set my alarm today in order to get up in time to start the painting.  I don’t like to set my alarm, especially on a day when I will be working.  I like to let my body wake up when it is ready to wake up.  But I had to guarantee at least 4 hours to complete the trim work.  The good news was that it was done in THREE hours!  Either we are becoming faster, or we just don’t care as much 🙂  Regardless, the room looks awesome.  I won’t post any more pictures until the new couch, chair and ottoman, along with the curtains and rug, are in place.  So probably Thursday evening.  We also saw a TV stand online from Target that we both liked so will probably order.  Then we’ll just have to get the coffee table and decorative items.  FUN!!  I love decorating.

Today is a very gloomy day.  Raining since I got up.  And no sun 😦

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Tonight is working, then tomorrow meeting with some friends from work for drinks, and then helping Kimm put up the curtains in the living room and putting down the rug, and taking the couch out to the garage.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hope that tonight is not a bad night at work.  I could use a nice easy night, all in one location, for once.  So far the last few times I have gone into work, it hasn’t been that great 😦

But I’m hoping that half the battle is my attitude.  I am making myself have a POSITIVE attitude right now!

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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