Garden Update

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The garden is really coming along!  Here are the latest pictures.  So far everything has come up except the bell peppers and the strawberries.  I’ve heard from several different people that the peppers probably won’t come up.  We’ll need to get plants if we want them.  And who knows with the strawberries.  I’m a little sad because I LOVE fresh strawberries.  But everything else looks so good that I can’t be sad for too long.


WOW…look at all those veggies! And NO WEEDS!!!


From the left…cucumbers, beans, carrots, lettuce, and the missing bell peppers…


Again, from the left…beans, carrots, lettuce, missing bell peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, the herbs, tomatoes, and radishes (bottom right corner)…


And one more time….zucchini, yellow squash, two regular tomato plants at the top, then the cherry tomato plant on the side in the middle, and the grape tomato plant bottom right corner…dill at the top, then cilantro, then basil for herbs, and the radishes…

Have I told you lately how much I like watching my garden grow?  Well, I do 🙂

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday.  We are having ANOTHER get together tonight.  Yep, just call us the party girls!

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