Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okay, so remember how I was so elated yesterday to be cancelled for the first four hours of my shift?  Well, I’m not so elated right now 🙂  Basically just exhausted.  Sometimes I forget that if you have an easy 8 hours, it’s great, but when you have a CRAZY 8 hours it can be HELL!  And last night was truly a crazy night.  I think I may have JINXED myself when I got so happy about being cancelled!

The nurse that I got report from was having a horrible time and I just got to jump right in and experience it as well!

To make a long story short, because I’m pretty exhausted right now and my bed is calling my name (oh Kaye… oh Kaye, come to bed, it is so comfy, so warm, so cuddly…see what did I tell you!)…I was busy the whole night long.  I had to transfer a post op patient whose respirations were 6–yikes!  (normal is 16-20), and then later in the evening I got to take on a different transfer, a patient who was VERY needy.

Needless to say, I was very glad to walk out the door.

One more day and then FOUR off!!!

Bed here I come!

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