Big Plans…

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Okay, I know I say this EVERY month, but HOLY COW, where does the time go?  June already??  Seriously??

So after working this weekend, Kimm and I had big plans (read, ambitious) to paint both the dining room and the living room.  We are having two groups of friends over this next weekend and we just wanted to get these two rooms done.  And when the living room is done, then we could FINALLY get our new furniture.

But, when you have big plans, it is always easy to get carried away and think that you can get things done quicker than you actually can.  I think on HGTV they usually say to plan a time frame and then double it 🙂

So we got the paint and supplies at Home Depot (and at the same time returned the weed wacker).  Funny story, when we were returning that, there was another guy who was returning the EXACT same weed wacker!  That pretty much sealed the deal that we were not going to get a replacement of that brand!  Instead we got an electric one (much lighter) and a few extension cords to get around the yard.  Kimm is much happier!

But, when we got home, and were going to tape the dining room, I TOTALLY remembered that we had to do some MAJOR caulking in that room.  I mean, this house is 100 years old and there are some huge gaps around the ceiling.  What looked to be something really simple turned into a longer project.  It took about 2 hours, and 2 tubes of caulk to do all the caulking. And now I have a neck ache from looking at the ceiling constantly!


Before (notice all the gaps…this is along the crown molding along the ceiling)


After–WHAT a difference!

While I did that, Kimm took on a project of her own.  She removed the cold air return vents that were in the dining room (an UGLY brown) and replaced them with some nice new white ones.  Sounds easy, right?  HA!  Some crazy fool had NAILED the vents to the wall.  It took her a lot of muscle power to get them off (and a lot of swearing!).  But it was eventually done!


The old vents, after being taken out…notice how mangled they are 🙂


Brand new white vents!


Kimm hard at work!

Even the cats wanted to help!


Maddie on the ladder…


Charlie on the toolbox…

So now, we are going to have some pizza and relax for the rest of the evening.  The NEW plan is to paint tomorrow.

Even if we get just the dining room done on my days off, I will feel that we made excellent progress.  We can tackle the living room next week.  Believe me, it is NEVER-ENDING 🙂

p.s.  the paint colors will be revealed tomorrow!

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