One Tired Gal…

Monday, April 20, 2009

I made it through another weekend on!  It always feels like an accomplishment when you work 36 hours in 3 days.

I’m EXTREMELY tired tonight because I did some errands this afternoon after having lunch with Kimm instead of taking the second part of my nap as I usually do.  When the alarm went off at 1:20 pm, my entire body protested.  My eyes were burning and I was just wiped.  But I got up, made lunch, and then started to feel a bit better.

After Kimm went back to work I finally cashed my security deposit check from the old apartment.  That’s only been on my “to do” list for about two months 🙂  I also was going to try to get my oil changed but of course there was no availability when I stopped in.  So I made an appointment for tomorrow.  That’s almost 1000 miles overdue.  I picked up some of Charlie’s cat food in Holyoke.  We still have not found a new vet so I had to get it there.  Then to the store for a few essentials (bread and milk) and to get some drinks for tonight because Kimm was going to be watching a hockey game.

Then home, made dinner, and promptly fell asleep on the couch after dinner!

We’re going to bed early tonight.  It’s BEFORE 11 pm.

I now know that I really do need my sleep after working three in a row.  I basically feel like I wasted my first day off.  Hopefully I’ll feel much better after a good night’s sleep.

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Lady Ga Ga

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Kimm and I went shopping at Target a few weeks ago, I broke down and bought the Lady Ga Ga cd “The Fame.”  I can’t even tell you the last time I bought a cd.  Usually I just don’t splurge like that.  But I knew I liked a few songs on the cd (Just Dance and Pokerface–the two songs that are played most on the radio), so I decided to take a shot and buy the cd.  I’ve been listening to it a lot, and I really like it.  It’s mostly club type music.  My favorite songs on the cd are: Just Dance, Pokerface, Paper Gangsta, Boys Boys Boys, LoveGame, Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say), and Money Honey.  Listen to samples here.  Kimm just made copies of some other cds for me that I can’t wait to listen to.  I have to say I’m definitely expanding my music tastes in my older age 🙂

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Easter Baskets!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kimm’s mom dropped off our Easter baskets on Thursday which was super nice of her.  I don’t know why but I have been having major chocolate cravings lately!

Lots of goodies…Twix, Almond Joy, Peanut Butter Eggs, M and M’s, jelly beans, malted milk balls.  Coffee, almonds, pens, crackers, and a beautiful hyacinth (which we were told we could plant outside once the weather is warmer!)


Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee…that sounds divine!  (this is my basket!)


This is Kimm’s basket…look at all those peanut M and M’s!!  Oh yeah, and the Breath Right for when she is all stuffed up at night–when she wears those I call her my little football player 🙂


What a GORGEOUS color!


And ALSO a housewarming gift–$100–WOW–way too generous!  A big hug was given for this!!  Thank you June!  It’ll go towards something very soon I’m sure!

Now I have to go to bed before my eyes close.

I had a good night at the hospital…census is way down and it was a slow night.  Very NON-stressful which makes for a happy me!

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In the Money…

Friday, April 17, 2009

This week I received back both my state and federal tax refund.  What a nice surprise to see all that extra money in my checking account.  Now I have to figure out what to do with it.

Here are my goals:

1)  Pay an extra payment to my Chase credit card so that I can pay that off in November instead of December.  I don’t really want to have to pay off my last payment in December anyway, when I am focusing on putting all of my extra money towards Christmas gifts and the birthdays that come soon in the new year.  So I have ALREADY paid an extra payment today.  I find that if I do this right away, then I don’t really even think about having the extra money.  I just look at my account and see what I have left and focus on making that work for the rest of the month.  The other reason that I want to get this credit card paid off ASAP is that they are raising the interest rate.  I had a 4.99% but now they are going to about 8%.  Of which there is nothing I can do about it.  I already called.  The most I could do is cancel the card and then pay it off at the rate I currently have.  I don’t want to do that because I have a $14,000 account with them.  I want to have that available to me if I ever need it in an emergency and to help with my credit score.

2)  Kimm and I agreed that we want to put an extra payment towards our mortgage this year.  Yep, even with all the extra cost that we are running into with this house, we know that if we can just squeeze an extra payment in each year, we will save so much money in the long run with the interest.  So I have been moving $100 over to my savings each month to deal with this.  So at any point that we want to add extra I’ll be ready.

3)  And I’m sure that some of the extra money will be going towards stuff for the house.  Whether it be for a grill, new garbage disposal, sitting area for the front porch, paint, garden supplies, or WHATEVER comes up (???)–the new house will eat up some of that extra money.

4)  I’m going to use some of the money to have some fun while my parents come visiting next month.

I guess that’s all.  I’m sure that the money will be gone before I know it.  If there’s one thing I’m sure of, extra money always gets spent.

I’m getting ready for my work week.  Tonight is the first of my three nights on.  Thankfully I was able to sleep in this morning.  Then I paid bills.  Now I’m going to do a load of laundry, do the dishes, and take a shower.  By then Kimm will be home, we’ll eat dinner and then I’m off!

By the way, the Orkin man did his business yesterday.  We still have ants, and may be seeing them for the next two weeks–because of the warm weather and the fact that it takes about 2 weeks for the ant killer stuff to work.  If we still see ants in two weeks, we can call for them to come out again before the two month check up.

Oh yeah…Spring is here!  Today the temp is 66 degrees!  I actually have the windows open!

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Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

70 years.

3,640 weeks.

25,550 days.

613,200 hours.

36,792,000 minutes.

2,207,520,000 seconds.

In a word, “WOW.”

My dad has lived a good long time.

And I wish him MANY, MANY, MANY more wonderful birthdays!!!!

I wish I could be there for a piece of cake tonight.  The good thing is that my parents are coming for a visit next month, which falls midway between my dad’s and my mom’s birthday, so I think we will have to have a birthday cake or two, in order to celebrate!

Just a thought:  I’m not sure if other people think this, but I find it harder to keep track of time.  In fact, I can hardly remember how old I am anymore.  Every time someone asks me hold old I am, I have to mentally think about it…what year I was born in, then what year this is, then do the math 🙂

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Professional Pest Control

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We finally broke down tonight and called…The Orkin Man!  Yep, the ants were getting so bad that we both couldn’t stand it.  Not to mention, now we not only have the small, not so scary little ants, but also the larger, more scarier ants, and some large ants with wings.  When Kimm mentioned that to her mom, her response was, “Oh, that’s not good.”  Ants have now officially been spotted and killed in the downstairs bathroom, in the kitchen, in the upstairs bathroom, in one of the upstairs bedrooms, and the upstairs hallway.  We’re still not EXACTLY sure where they are coming from…possibly the attic or the crawl space under the downstairs bathroom.  All we know is that we want them GONE.

Kimm researched Orkin a bit online and found that they do an estimate and also that they use chemicals that are safe around people and animals (yay!!).  So the quote was for $190 for the initial visit and then $95 for the follow up visits (of which there are 6, one every other month).  So we agreed, even though this is WAY more than we ever wanted to spend on this.  But the guy said that we needed to have the follow up because ants hatch in different stages, or something like that 🙂  But from everything I’ve read online, it is DIFFICULT to get rid of ants from a house, so I’m glad we are going to let someone who knows about it get it done.  They are coming tomorrow between 8 am and 12 noon.

Of course nothing is ever that easy for us.  An hour after we set up the appointment, the guy calls back and says that he “misquoted” us.  Turns out the initial visit is $350, not $190.  Needless to say, I was NOT happy.  But what could we do.  We really want this done and over with.  So I reluctantly agreed.  The guy then goes on to say that he would give us a $50 discount because we were misquoted initially.  When Kimm calls her Mom to tell her all this, she thinks we may have been scammed.  So she offered to come out tomorrow when they come just to make sure that nothing else happens and to ask any questions she might think of (because her parents had this done years ago).  So I’m very frustrated right now with the unexpected money situation, but also hopeful that this will help.  My only concern is that this is a very old house and therefore there are probably innumerable cracks and crevices that more bugs can come in.  So we really should address that too.  But one step at a time.

Now I’m just going to relax for the rest of the evening and try not to think about it.  At least Orkin states they have a “money back guarantee” on their website.  I wonder what the small print on that says.  I think I’m becoming more cynical in my old age.

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Out and About!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tonight Kimm and I did a few errands after dinner (which by the way was a simple baked potato with butter and sour cream, salt and pepper).  We headed out to the library–always fun!  We both picked up some books and of course I read my People magazine!

Then on to Stop and Shop for a few groceries.  My good friend Jen, who now lives in Georgia had sent us a $25 gift certificate as an Easter gift–this was so nice of her 🙂  Of course we ended up spending way more than $25.  Tonight when we were shopping we decided to try using the “Scan It” tool that S&S now offers.  Basically it is a scanner that you take with you when you shop so you can scan and bag your items as you go so that when you get to the checkout all you have to do is pay.  It took us a little getting used to, especially in the produce department, since we had to weigh everything and print out a sticker there.  But I think that we probably will use it again, because it keeps a running total and shows your S&S discounts immediately.  It’s nice to know how much you are spending as you are shopping.  It MAY even help us spend less.

Then when we came home we had some homemade guacamole with some Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips which Kimm wanted to try.  I was a bit hesitant, but it turns out that I think I enjoyed them more than she did!  I will definitely be buying these again.

Another day gone.  They tend to go by awful fast.  Tomorrow I have a lot to accomplish, as usual!

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Monday, March 13, 2009

I find it really frustrating that the weather has been all over the place lately.  I mean, it really doesn’t seem like spring at all.  In fact, it seems like a dream that we actually had a few nice days that were in the 60s.  This weekend, for example, the temp was as low as in the 20s!  Yikes!  Windy too.  And damp.  And gloomy. NOT IDEAL.

I never thought that I was much affected by the weather, but I find the older I get, the more I like my weather to be nice.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy each of the four seasons (I love the look of a fresh fallen snow, the brilliant colors of autumn, the greenery of spring, and the sun of summer), but it seems like we never really get to have too many days where the weather is perfect (in my opinion of perfect…which is 70s and breezy).  Most of the time it goes from a non-existent spring right to a hot and humid summer, then a quick fall and a LONG winter.

I’m hoping that the rest of this month will be a bit more cooperative!  Kimm and I really want to get outside and enjoy it.

Well, not that I saw much of outside today.  I feel really tired today and since I have to go in to work tonight I have been napping–and I plan on hitting the bed again right now.  I find that when I have a lot of sleep before I go into work, it makes the night much better.

By the way, DOES ANYONE have any non-toxic ant killer ideas that they have actually tried and have worked?  We STILL have ants and they are beginning to drive me a little CRAZY!!!!

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Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Easter turned out a little bit different than we originally anticipated!  We were planning on going to Kimm’s parents house, as we do every year.  But her mom called and said that unfortunately it was going to be cancelled due to some family issues.  We were kind of shocked.  When you have a plan, and it’s for a holiday, when things are changed at the last minute, it kind of throws you for a loop.

But we got through it.

Before we got the call we had enjoyed some coffee, bagels, and orange juice.


I had Asiago Cheese (which Kimm said was really stinky…which it KIND OF was!) and Kimm had Onion.

I still made oatmeal raisin cookies…the house smelled wonderful, and the cookies were so good–crisp on the outside, yet chewy on the inside.

We had our leftover Chinese food.


Still tasty the second day, just not enough for us!


I love how the receipt was in Chinese!

We played on our iphones 🙂  In fact, we both purchased our very first app (application for the iphone).  Normally I am pretty cheap and only do the free apps.  But this one was really cool.  It is called Car Care and it cost $2.99 (normally $4.99, but a SALE!).  It allows you to keep track of fueling your car, your mileage, and basic car maintenance.  I’m so excited because now I won’t have to write it in my little notebook anymore–I can just put it in my phone.  And it will tell me how efficient the gas is that I’m buying, as well as remind me when to get an oil change.

I talked to my family.  They had a good Easter dinner.  My nephew Eric was with them for the first time for Easter which my brother was very excited about.  Eric made sure to tell me that he was getting THREE Easter baskets this year–one from my brother, one from my parents, and one from his mother.  Lucky kid!  I told him the story of when I was a child my parents would hide the Easter baskets so hard that I would get really discouraged and sometimes give up and cry!

Later, of course we watched some TV.  And we went to Wendy’s and got some fries.  Definitely not your traditional Easter dinner, but yummy nevertheless.

We’re going to have some ice cream.  Basically a relaxing day overall.

Oh, and Kimm saw this outside our house! Beautiful…


A daffodil!!!  My absolute favorite!

The cats even got a treat (they basically attack Kimm when she is trying to feed them!).


Look at them LOOK!


Madeline with her mouth WIDE open!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day, however you spent it!

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First Chinese Food in the New House!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tonight Kimm and I decided we wanted something we haven’t had in QUITE a while–Chinese food.  However, we were a bit nervous since we are pretty picky when it comes to Chinese food.  We had our old favorite place in Holyoke that was literally less than one minute away–we were SPOILED!  I mean, we were seriously tempted to order our food there and drive there to pick it up.  But then I said, “NO,” we need to try some of the places around here.  And there are LOTS of places around here.  We chose one that we had gotten a brochure from a while ago (you know how they stick them in your door!).  It is called China House and is in West Springfield, about 10 minutes away. We ordered our usual–Sesame Tofu, Vegetable Lo Mein, and Vegetable Fried Rice.  Then we were daring and also ordered two Spring Rolls.  I was most nervous about the tofu dish because we have had some really bad tofu–where it is mushy, instead of crispy.  Well, lucky for us ALL of the food we got was SUPER.  Definitely a keeper.  I wish I could post some pictures, but we were so hungry that I totally forgot.  But we have enough for leftovers tomorrow, so hopefully I remember to snap a picture then!

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