Big Purchase

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today we purchased our lawn mower and weed trimmer (or as we Wisconsinites like to say, weed wacker!).  A whopping $463…yikes!  But definitely needed.  There was a really nice associate at The Home Depot that helped us determine what kind of weed wacker to get (we were clueless!).  He also mentioned that the lawn mower Kimm picked out was a good one.  Kimm said she would try to mow this weekend.  As far as the weeds go, we don’t see much difference today after the weed treatment. Hopefully with a little more time we will see a difference.  Otherwise that was like throwing $10 away.  So frustrating.


It’s a Lawn Boy–love the green color!


The weed trimmer is a Ryobi–gas (which we learned was the best)

I’m disappointed that my three days off are pretty much up.  I feel like they went so fast.  And I always feel so discouraged when I have to go back to work.  Probably because I don’t get to see Kimm.  For the majority of the time I have off (from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm) Kimm is working, unless it is my weekend off.  So now Kimm is excited because she only has one more day of work and then the weekend off, while I am dreading tomorrow because I have to psyche myself up to work three days in a row.  And I have to be ready for the Orkin man to come tomorrow at 11 am and do some laundry (towels).  So I’ll be busy on my last day off.  Today I didn’t really do much just because I was so tired and achy.  The cats didn’t let us sleep much last night, along with my sore body and my allergies (couldn’t breath!)  Hopefully tonight is better.

I’m trying to be in a better mood.  Working is really not all that bad.  I just wish I had more time to spend with someone when I had off.  It’s kind of lonely.  Well, this is the last three day weekend until June because my parents will be visiting in THREE weeks!

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