Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The temp hit 95 degrees today!

All I can say is that it was OPPRESSIVE!  I’m not a huge fan of really warm weather.

Good thing I spent the majority of the day in bed, with the fan blowing on me.  However, it was still very stuffy.

When Kimm came home from work we decided to go out to eat because it was too hot to cook.  We headed to the mall and got our usual…pizza and some fries.  Then we headed to Target to do some shopping.  We had nothing in mind–just looking.  We bought a few things–a garden pad (for kneeling on the hard ground), a new pair of garden gloves for each of us, a lettuce knife, a wine stopper, a knife sharpener, a fly swatter, and Kimm found an interesting monkey tea light holder.  She loved it and since I had pretty much rearranged the dining room with no input from her, I told her that if she loved it, to get it…we would SOMEHOW work it into our decor somewhere 🙂 Kimm says, “My monkey ROCKS!”


I have to admit it is kind of cute!

Right now the temp is down to 69 degrees, and breezy.  The perfect weather…we are airing out the house from all the stale air and the cats are happy.  They are sitting by the windows, looking out.

Just to show you how crazy this weather is, tomorrow the low could get down to 36 degrees (can we say 60 degrees difference…whoa!)

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