First Grill Out of the Year

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today we headed over to “the parents” (meaning Kimm’s parents!) for a grill out.

The destination time was for 4 pm.  Which meant that I didn’t get much time to myself during the day since I didn’t get up until 12:30 pm!!  That’s what happens when you stay out until 2:30 in the morning.  All I have to say is that I am NOT a bar person.  I really enjoyed hanging out with my friends from work, but the minute we started doing the bar hopping, I pretty much checked out.  I have to say that this is for a few reasons–one, drinks are so expensive at bars, two, I am not looking for anyone at a bar, third, you can’t really talk at a bar because the music is so darn loud, four, I usually don’t like the music at the bar, and last, I find that the people at bars are kind of mean.  I just don’t have a good time.  I really need to learn my lesson.  Everytime my co-workers want to get together, this is what we end up doing, and EVERY time I say to myself, “this is the last time I do this,” and then EVERY time they ask me to go, I end up going.  When will I learn 🙂


So we had a really wonderful meal at Kimm’s parents house.  We had veggie burgers (the classic Griller’s original from MorningStar–really tastes like a real burger) with American cheese and fried onions (her mom had a regular burger, her dad and brother had hot dogs–which I have to say I REALLY miss a good hot dog–they smelled good–and there ain’t NO tofu/veggie hot dog that can compare to a real hot dog).  Then there was potato salad, deviled eggs, chips and dip, Cheetos, baked vegetarian beans and cornbread (my contribution!), mixed raw veggies, salad, grilled veggies (onions, peppers, squash, carrots).  And of course dessert.  We had cake because we were celebrating birthdays.  It was so moist and actually very flavorful for a store bought cake.  And ice cream.  And maybe random bites of Reese’s mini peanut butter cups.  It was all VERY good, and I ate WAY too much, as my pants can attest to!


The spread…


My plate…


Kimm enjoying one of her favorites…deviled eggs!


The cake…


My cake and ice cream (fudge swirl!)

And now the weekend is over.  Very sad.  I find it highly ironic that the days you want to last the longest seem to fly by the fastest.

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