Yard Work

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We finally got out and did some yard work today.

Of course first we had to go back to Rocky’s to get some tools.  We got a shovel, a rake, a trowel and spade, pruner clippers, and smaller branch clippers.  Everything we got was highly useful.

We weren’t sure where to begin.  We have a lot to do outside.  I told Kimm, let’s just start small.  We decided to start by our small shed, near the fence.  However, we couldn’t even start and there were already the big, fuzzy bumblebees flying around us, freaking us out.  So we put everything back in the garage and were about to head inside.  But then I said, “NO,” we can’t not do anything.  So we decided to stay nearer the house and work on taking out two bushes and some weeds by the back side of our house.  There were still bees flying around, but not as close to us and after a while, we sort of got into a rhythm and sort of ignored what was going on around us.


So this was our starting point…our goal was to take out the two larger bushes (both were pretty much half dead, and not only that, I know that those rhododendrons attract bees like crazy and I didn’t want something like that so close to the side door)


Here’s just a SMALL pile of the weeds we pulled out…we filled two large yard bags with weeds and the bush branches


As I was digging out the weeds with the shovel, I kept hitting all these rocks and bricks that were randomly placed in that bed.  I moved them all over to the side of the garage.


And the final result…we were not able to get the roots of the two bushes out…they were too deep.  But it looks 100% better in our opinion.  Now we can go back in there one more time to get any last weeds and then maybe have someone come out and remove those stumps and then put in our own stuff.

When we were done my legs were shaking, I had sweat running down my legs and into my eyes, and my face felt like it was about 100 degrees.  I had no idea that pulling weeds was such a good workout. It took me about a half hour to cool down.

After we were done, we had some water on our front porch (screened in!–thankfully!).  The breeze felt so nice.  The kitties were so funny exploring that new space!

Then I took a short nap on the couch and now I’m getting ready to go out with some of my co-workers.  Not sure exactly what we’ll be doing, but I know we’ll be having a few drinks!

Last night girl’s night was so much fun.  Good food (cheesy fries, brownies, lemon tarts), a few drinks, and good conversation with lots of laughs.

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