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Friday, April 24, 2009

Unfortunately I did sleep a good portion of my first day off!  I hate that!

But when Kimm came home from work I eventually woke up and we ordered food from a local hole in the wall called Valenti’s.  We were in the mood for veggie grinders and fries and decided to try them out since we had heard good things about them, even though we absolutely LOVE our veggie grinders/fries from Paramount Pizza in Holyoke.  So we ordered the grinders and then headed outside where I couldn’t help but take a few pictures to share with you some of the beautiful sights in our yard…


Our pink magnolia tree on the side of the house…


Our white picket fence!


And the picnic table that the last homeowner left…a quiet place to sit and enjoy the beauty…


Kimm sporting her shades and her fabulous new iphone!


Small purple and white flowers in the grass…I’m sure it’s some sort of weed 🙂


RED tulips on the side of the house where the daffodils are!

It really is nice to see all these beautiful things popping up around the house!

Tomorrow the plan is to do some yard work.  So we need to get up early and get some tools at the hardware store.

Now, back to the eats.  I have to rate this evening’s meal at Valenti’s as “POOPYSHIT.”  That’s right, POOPY. SHIT.  As in, NOT GOOD AT ALL.   First of all, a picture…


Doesn’t look too bad, right?  On it…lettuce, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, onions, American cheese, and mayo…with a side of fries.

Okay.  So here’s the breakdown.  They said the grinder was going to be toasted.  Maybe we are spoiled rotten at our Holyoke place, but there all the ingredients are warm as well, sauteed on the grill.  But here it was like the sandwich was just thrown in the toaster with cold ingredients for about a minute or two.  The bread was not bad, but nothing on the inside was warm and gooey.  Not to mention, the mushrooms and the red/green peppers were both from the can.  I HATE THAT.  I find that when you eat just vegetables, you really need them to be fresh.  Also, they had red onions, not my favorite, and also enough to knock anyone off their feet with your breath…read, a LOT of onions.  It really wasn’t good.  The fries were okay, but not as good as the ones we normally have.  I think they put their fries in the same oil as fish because I could taste a slight aftertaste of fried fish.  All in all, not very satisfying.  Definitely won’t be getting grinders there in the future.  We will still give their pizza a try though.  Just not right away 🙂

Now I’m going to hop in the shower because we are heading over to our friends house (like ONE minute away, literally!) to have GIRL’S NIGHT.  Basically just catching up with old friends, while enjoying a drink or two (or more!).  And probably a snack or two as well 🙂

Enjoy your night!

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