Thursday, April 23, 2009

Why am I so impatient you may wonder???

Well, because I have only one more night of work and then THREE days off.

Because those three days are supposed to be BEAUTIFUL (in the 70s on Friday, and in the 80s on Saturday and Sunday).

And also because I have things that I’m looking forward to doing during those days off–Friday there are plans to have a GIRL’S NIGHT (which we haven’t had in quite a while), then on Saturday the chicas from work want to go out for some fun, and on Sunday we are going to Kimm’s parents for a grill out.  Then throw in some yard work (finally!), and possibly some painting, or at least picking out the paint color (!), and three whole days of time with my sweetie, well, that would make you impatient too!

So I only have to get through tonight.

And by the way, my first goal for Earth “Year” is to use my coffee mug/plastic container at work.  I did pretty good yesterday at work–I used my coffee cup and it was actually nice to drink out of an actual mug, rather than styrofoam!  A few people asked me about it, so maybe I will be able to influence a few more people to follow suite!

Okay, I’m off to bed…

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