Errands Galore, plus a B&N Trip!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I feel like I’ve been BUSY all day!  But in a good way. Actually after looking over what I did I really didn’t do THAT much, but it sure FELT like a lot 🙂

After going to bed early last night (went into the bedroom around 10 pm, read for about an hour–until my eyes wouldn’t stay open a second later–and then fell asleep by 11 pm), I was up by the time Kimm got out of the shower (8 am).  However, I can’t say that I felt well rested.  My eyes STILL burned.  And I got 9 hours of sleep!  But I know myself.  I need to consistently get around 9 hours of sleep to feel really good.  And not only that, I’m generally not an early riser.  But since I had an appointment for an oil change I got up.

As far as errands go, I did the following:

–picked up two recycling bins at the Department of Public Works (FINALLY, after having lived in this house for four months!)

–got an oil change for my car (overdue as usual)

–stopped at Barnes and Noble to look for a gift  (not really knowing if I would find anything, but I DID!)

–stopped at Target to look for an expandable file folder to get rid of some of my mini-piles of stuff that I have randomly placed all over the house before it gets eventually filed–I found one for $4.99, nothing fancy, but sturdy and it will do the job, and I also bought a pair of jeans (I haven’t bought any clothes I would say for about 6 months–these fit awesome and were only $24.99!!!)–now I have a thought that I will have to purchase some summer clothes coming up soon

–made lunch for Kimm and when she saw the signature green B&N shopping bag she was like, “You went to Barnes and Noble?”, looking all sad that I didn’t include her!  I felt so bad…I told her we could go coming up soon.  I was originally planning on going out with a few co-workers tonight to celebrate one of their birthdays, so it couldn’t be tonight.  But then UNEXPECTEDLY…one of them was sick so we rescheduled and then Kimm and I were able to go tonight!!

–so then in the afternoon I organized all my mini-piles (took FOREVER)

–made dinner (simple–cheesy pasta with garlic cheese toast)

–went to the library (to drop off and get some books)

–went to Barnes and Noble (my second time of the day!!)  We always love to browse the books–I get so many ideas there (I usually take a picture of a book I want, then when I get home I go to my local library website and request them from the different libraries in the area–great way to save money–if I really like the book then I can get it, AFTER I know that I will read it/utilize it again).  We had a treat in the cafe–me a Caramel Frappacino (I haven’t had that in a LONG time–I know it is mostly sugar, but it tastes sooo good).  Kimm had a peach drink (equally yummy, but I can’t remember the name!)  We both bought some books–me one, Kimm four (it’s funny, she always ends up walking out of there with more books than me, and I always thought that I was a sucker in that place!)

All in all, it was a FUN day!  Now we are home and just about to relax and have a drink and some chips and salsa.  A great way to end a productive day.  Now I have to work for the next two days and then three off…and the best news is that it is supposed to get up to 80 degrees this weekend!  WOW!!!!  What a treat if it actually happens:)

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