Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

70 years.

3,640 weeks.

25,550 days.

613,200 hours.

36,792,000 minutes.

2,207,520,000 seconds.

In a word, “WOW.”

My dad has lived a good long time.

And I wish him MANY, MANY, MANY more wonderful birthdays!!!!

I wish I could be there for a piece of cake tonight.  The good thing is that my parents are coming for a visit next month, which falls midway between my dad’s and my mom’s birthday, so I think we will have to have a birthday cake or two, in order to celebrate!

Just a thought:  I’m not sure if other people think this, but I find it harder to keep track of time.  In fact, I can hardly remember how old I am anymore.  Every time someone asks me hold old I am, I have to mentally think about it…what year I was born in, then what year this is, then do the math 🙂

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