Monday, March 13, 2009

I find it really frustrating that the weather has been all over the place lately.  I mean, it really doesn’t seem like spring at all.  In fact, it seems like a dream that we actually had a few nice days that were in the 60s.  This weekend, for example, the temp was as low as in the 20s!  Yikes!  Windy too.  And damp.  And gloomy. NOT IDEAL.

I never thought that I was much affected by the weather, but I find the older I get, the more I like my weather to be nice.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy each of the four seasons (I love the look of a fresh fallen snow, the brilliant colors of autumn, the greenery of spring, and the sun of summer), but it seems like we never really get to have too many days where the weather is perfect (in my opinion of perfect…which is 70s and breezy).  Most of the time it goes from a non-existent spring right to a hot and humid summer, then a quick fall and a LONG winter.

I’m hoping that the rest of this month will be a bit more cooperative!  Kimm and I really want to get outside and enjoy it.

Well, not that I saw much of outside today.  I feel really tired today and since I have to go in to work tonight I have been napping–and I plan on hitting the bed again right now.  I find that when I have a lot of sleep before I go into work, it makes the night much better.

By the way, DOES ANYONE have any non-toxic ant killer ideas that they have actually tried and have worked?  We STILL have ants and they are beginning to drive me a little CRAZY!!!!

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