Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 12, 2009

This Easter turned out a little bit different than we originally anticipated!  We were planning on going to Kimm’s parents house, as we do every year.  But her mom called and said that unfortunately it was going to be cancelled due to some family issues.  We were kind of shocked.  When you have a plan, and it’s for a holiday, when things are changed at the last minute, it kind of throws you for a loop.

But we got through it.

Before we got the call we had enjoyed some coffee, bagels, and orange juice.


I had Asiago Cheese (which Kimm said was really stinky…which it KIND OF was!) and Kimm had Onion.

I still made oatmeal raisin cookies…the house smelled wonderful, and the cookies were so good–crisp on the outside, yet chewy on the inside.

We had our leftover Chinese food.


Still tasty the second day, just not enough for us!


I love how the receipt was in Chinese!

We played on our iphones 🙂  In fact, we both purchased our very first app (application for the iphone).  Normally I am pretty cheap and only do the free apps.  But this one was really cool.  It is called Car Care and it cost $2.99 (normally $4.99, but a SALE!).  It allows you to keep track of fueling your car, your mileage, and basic car maintenance.  I’m so excited because now I won’t have to write it in my little notebook anymore–I can just put it in my phone.  And it will tell me how efficient the gas is that I’m buying, as well as remind me when to get an oil change.

I talked to my family.  They had a good Easter dinner.  My nephew Eric was with them for the first time for Easter which my brother was very excited about.  Eric made sure to tell me that he was getting THREE Easter baskets this year–one from my brother, one from my parents, and one from his mother.  Lucky kid!  I told him the story of when I was a child my parents would hide the Easter baskets so hard that I would get really discouraged and sometimes give up and cry!

Later, of course we watched some TV.  And we went to Wendy’s and got some fries.  Definitely not your traditional Easter dinner, but yummy nevertheless.

We’re going to have some ice cream.  Basically a relaxing day overall.

Oh, and Kimm saw this outside our house! Beautiful…


A daffodil!!!  My absolute favorite!

The cats even got a treat (they basically attack Kimm when she is trying to feed them!).


Look at them LOOK!


Madeline with her mouth WIDE open!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day, however you spent it!

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