Money Blues…

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sometimes I get SO frustrated with things.  Like today, I had to call about a few bills that didn’t seem right.

First I called about the water and sewer bill.  The bill was dated bill period ending 11/08.  We didn’t move in to the house until 12/12/08.  Seems pretty obvious that we don’t owe this bill.  But no, when I called the lady at the Department of Public Works, she said, “they–I guess meaning the town–read the usage late for that cycle” and so the bill still needed to be paid.  She wasn’t able to give me a specific date that the usage was read, just a general “maybe the end of December, beginning of January.”  So it seems we are still responsible for that bill.  Which I STILL don’t feel we should have to pay.  When I told Kimm about it she was like, “if they can’t give us a date, we’re not responsible.”  So I guess we’re going to talk to her parents about it and maybe Kimm will call and see if she gets any different information.

Then I had to call our old local phone company because we had received a final bill about a week ago.  Then not even a few days later we received another bill from a collection agency saying that the bill was in collections.  WHAT!!??  This was the first bill we ever received.  After looking back into my accounts I saw that we had made a payment last in December, so we probably did owe a final bill, but nothing had ever come to the house before this and with the hustle and bustle of moving, I had forgetten about it.  So I call the phone company to find out some information.  Yep, this was the final bill.  Yep, it needed to be paid.  But nope, I couldn’t pay it with them since it was already in collection.  I asked them WHY since I had never been late with a bill EVER for them, why it had gone to collection.  Well, according to them, they had sent out multiple bills.  But we never received it.  So I called the collection agency.  Paid the bill.  All the while angry inside.  Asked them if this being in collection would affect my credit rating.  “Oh, we don’t know, you’ll have to contact the phone company.”  So I call them back.  I get transferred several times.  I am given a separate number to call–the phone company’s “Department for Accounts that have gone to Collection.”  When I talk to someone there, thankfully I find out that this has not gone to the credit bureau, but then she asks why I paid through the collection agency.  I tell her because I was told that I had to.  “Oh no, you should have paid through me” I am told.  Well, that would have been nice to know. Now I have to call that department back in a few days to ensure that the payment through the collection agency has been sent to the phone company.

Next, I call one of my credit cards because I received a notice in the mail stating that my rate was going to change starting May 1.  I call to confirm this.  Of course it is true.  So now instead of having 4.99% on my only card with a balance, it will go up to 8.25%.  So now I will have to call my other credit cards to see if I can get a balance transfer deal.

And lastly, I call about a bill I received from our old Sunday newspaper delivery service.  Turns out they say we owe $18.  I call and tell them that we’ve moved and that we never renewed the subscription.  The lady I was talking to actually laughed and said that in order for a subscription to be cancelled you have to call and cancel.  And that the money was still due.

SO FRUSTRATING.  So all in all today we now owe approximately $95 that we weren’t expecting in bills for this month, and I will have to try to pay off my credit card even faster than I was anticipating to avoid being hit with even more finance charge fees.

It’s enough to drive you crazy.  And bitter.

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