Lap Kitty!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today, believe it or not, Madeline actually came on to my lap TWICE and allowed me to pet her and give her some lovin’!  This is absolutely amazing since she NEVER comes by me–she really is Kimm’s cat.  So maybe there is hope for her to like me more in the future…

Today was a pretty lazy day.  About the only thing that I did was make a concentrated effort to determine how we can save money on our food purchases next month.  Ideally I would like us to spend about $200, but I’m sure it will be closer to $250.  Even so, that would be almost a $200 savings!  The items that we spend the most on are frozen pizzas and ice cream.  And miscellaneous things here and there.  So I made a meal list for the entire month (both lunch and dinner).  Then wrote down all the meals on two pieces of paper (one sheet with 30 lunches listed and one sheet with 30 dinners listed).  My plan is to cross off a meal with a yellow highlighter as we have them so we still have some choices during the month and can see what meals are left as the month goes by.  Then on another two sheets of paper I made out a calendar, one for lunch and one for dinner–on these sheets I will write down what meal we do have so at the end of the month we can see the variety.  We’ll also be able to make comments about a meal if we care to.  Then I made a grocery list for BJs and for Stop and Shop based on the meals and on basics (like milk, bread, vegetables, orange juice, etc).  The total came to $198.  But of course that is really cutting it close.  We shall have to see how it goes once we go shopping.

A few things that I’m hoping are going to save us money include–I will be making our own pizza crust this month as well as pizza sauce.  Hopefully it will turn out okay and taste good too–I am planning on pizza twice a week (which is usually how much we have it).  Then I looked up a recipe for creamer for myself as well (usually I get the large liquid Coffeemate creamer which is close to $4!).  And I’m going to make brownies and cookies for desserts during the month (brownie mix on sale for $1 each and the cookies shouldn’t be too expensive).

It shall be an interesting experience.  I will keep track during this next month and see if we can do this.  If so, then we will be saving quite a bit of money that we can then put towards the HOUSE!

Tonight the plan is to go to the library to return some books and then pick up some cat food for Madeline since she is just about out!  Then…relax.  Back to work again tomorrow.  How do FOUR days go by so quickly??????  I’ll never know.

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