So Long Sunday…

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I’m sad to see you go!

It was a very nice relaxing Sunday.

Kimm and I were able to sleep in–always a good thing 🙂

Then we enjoyed some coffee and a NEW breakfast treat–Apple Fritters from our local Stop and Shop.  Did you know that a fritter is any kind of food covered in batter and deep fried?  (I didn’t!)  I have fond memories of enjoying apple fritters when I was a child.  Every Sunday after church my family and I would usually stop at our local Piggly Wiggly (yep, that’s the name of the store!–my mom would call it The Pig), and we each choose a donut to have with our lunch.  I usually got an apple fritter, or a cruller or a filled long john {when I was talking to Kimm about this she said she has never heard of a donut called a long john, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and there is was…a donut shaped in the form of a bar, filled or not!}.  My brother would always get the chocolate frosted filled long john, my dad mostly an apple fritter or a filled jelly donut and I think my mom preferred the apple fritters.  That was always such a treat to have a donut.  By the way, has LOTS of apple fritter recipes if you want to give them a try which I may do one of these days…


The apple fritter that I had…

We treated ourselves to a Sunday paper while we enjoyed our coffee and fritter.

For the rest of the day, Kimm was busy doing laundry and I made lunch and dinner and did the dishes.  Lunch consisted of scrambled eggs topped with a bit of shredded cheese and toast and orange juice on the side.  Simple, but so good.






And MORE dishes…

Dinner was cheesy pasta (rigatoni pasta mixed with pasta sauce and shredded cheese), side salads (with cucumbers, grape tomatoes, sunflower seeds, croutons, and ranch dressing), and for dessert something I whipped up with leftovers–I had some pineapple chunks that have been sitting in the fridge for quite a while and I wanted to use them up so I put one tablespoon butter with about 2 tablespoons brown sugar in a small skillet, heated them up to form a syrup and then heated the pineapple in it–OMG–sooooo good.  Loved the syrup over the pineapple.  Even Kimm liked it 🙂  DARN I forgot to take pictures.

Tonight we finally decided on colors for the computer room–we’re going to do STRIPES (vertical) of two shades of purple.  It’s going to look SO good.  And we are going to replace the carpet in that room with nicer carpet–regarding color and quality of the carpet.

Decided to get out and see a movie at Agawam Cinemas which is literally five minutes from where we live.  They generally show movies that are off the main screen at larger theaters.  It cost us $7 each to see Slumdog Millionaire which I have been waiting to see for quite a while (normally the prices are $5 but for some “contractual” reason, they HAD to charge $7….didn’t really understand that!).  The large popcorn and drink that we shared was only $5–what a bargain!  I enjoyed the movie, although not as much as I thought I was going to considering there was so much rave about it and it won so many awards.  But I am glad I saw it.

Now we are home and we are having some SEVERE weather–thunderstorms and possibly HAIL later!!

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