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Thursday, March 19, 2009

I really have been in quite a depressed mood lately.  And I’m not really sure why.  I wish I knew why that was.  Sometimes I feel so excited and happy and ready for anything that life brings me and then there are days when I just want to crawl into bed, I can’t seem to get motivated, and even the smallest chores seem momentous.

All I can hope is that this slump will end soon.  I hate it too, because I had a nice long stretch of days off and I really wanted to enjoy them to the fullest and instead I just feel so down. I think maybe a big part of why I am down is that I feel lonely??  I don’t really have anybody that I hang out with at all.  The only time I have contact with people is when I’m at work, when Kimm is home or when I make the effort to call someone.

Anyways, I did what I usually do when I feel like this…just try to do something to get myself going.  I did three loads of laundry today and will have to do more tomorrow (towels and sheets).  Also did the HUGE sink of dishes–it got away from me again.  Fixed the lunch and dinner meals.  Read some blogs.  Finished my book–which I really enjoyed and highly recommend although it probably had a little to do with my down mood–it’s not a very upbeat book.

Tonight Kimm and I are going out to a Holyoke bar to listen to the Big Bad Bollucks play again.  Maybe getting out will brighten my mood.

The good thing is that tomorrow is always a new and different day!

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