Hump Day for most…

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If I was working a regular, Monday through Friday, 9-5 job, today would be my hump day.  But since I have four days off, it is the halfway point of my days off 😦

All in all, I kind of just felt blah today.  First of all, I didn’t feel very rested.  The cats had their free reign in the bedroom last night and Charlie was pretty good, just lying on the bed, although at one point he did try attacking Kimm’s feet!  Madeline was in and out, up and down on the bed.  Turns out Kimm didn’t sleep well at all and she was really tired going into work today.  I got up with her to have breakfast and I found I was really tired too.  Fortunately I was able to go back to bed, but I had a hard time sleeping except for an hour or two.

I decided to make a new recipe for lunch, to use up some of our food.  I made Vegetarian Shephard’s Pie.  The “meat” base was one Morningstar veggie burger, cooked on the George Foreman, and then cut up and mixed with a bit of sauteed onion in a pan.  The next layer was simply corn.  And then I made garlic mashed potatoes for the top–just a few red potatoes (4 small) with one bulb garlic–cook until soft–then mash, mixing with salt and pepper, celery salt and some garlic salt, Country Crock and milk to desired consistency and taste.  Was really tasty in a down-home kind of way. Oh yeah, with chocolate pudding for dessert–yum!


Oh so good…


Chocolate Creaminess…

I tried to make a loaf of white bread today from a new recipe and somehow the bread did NOT rise.  Very frustrating.  But I didn’t want to waste all the ingredients so I baked it anyway.  It made for a DENSE loaf, but still incredibly tasty, especially warm out of the oven.  Kimm didn’t complain!  It was wonderful paired with some homemade chili–no measuring this time.  Just some sauteed onion in olive oil, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of kidney beans, and some chili seasoning and cumin powder to taste.  Added some water to give it some bulk and then at the end, added some eggless noodles.  I love how it condenses to a thick liquid as it cooks.

Tonight we paid the remaining bills for the month.  Ugh!  I hate paying out money.  Even though I ultimately feel good, knowing that everything is paid, I hate to see my balance go down.  The good thing is that I still have two more paychecks for this month so it should build up again by the end of the month.

I’ve been reading my Jodi Picoult book (Handle with Care) and am more than halfway done!  It’s addicting.  I love how she can make you both love and hate characters at different times in the book.  Her characters feel so real–they have feelings that you may often have, but don’t think that others do.  Which makes you think that if she has characters that think this way, what you think is probably pretty darn normal.

I can’t believe how fast the night goes when Kimm comes home at night.  I sometimes feel pretty bored by myself during the day, and the time sometimes drags, but at night, it always seems to go by in a flash.

Tomorrow I really need to attack the laundry.


I leave you with my “voodoo” doll sitting atop of Kimm’s hat (I had received this doll as a gift from one of my friends…you place it in water and then it grows…well it got about 3 inches tall, then I took it out of the water, and now it has shrunk back down…I think it’s really cute…it’s a permanent part of our kitchen now!)

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