A Spring Walk…

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Even though this is my weekend off, I switched a day with a co-worker so she could spend the day with her son before he leaves (he just graduated from Boot Camp and is a full-fledged Marine–I guess he got about a week off to visit his family before having to report for duty).  So, unfortunately, I have to go in tonight.  Which means that in about 1/2 hour I’ll need to get into the shower and then eat something. Oh, and just as a short recap–we had a GREAT time at the Big Bad Bollucks concert and found out that they are playing again in Holyoke on Thursday so we are planning on seeing them again.  It was just nice to hang out with friends again! (darn that winter for keeping everyone in their houses!)

But, back to today–I’m glad to say that Kimm and I got out and enjoyed the GORGEOUS spring day.  It is currently 58 degrees!  With balmy breezes.  Honestly, my favorite kind of day.  We had gone out to pick up a few things from the grocery store (which was packed by the way…I hate shopping when there are a lot of people around!)  This was only the second time we have gone shopping this month so I think we are doing fairly well on using what we have and cutting down our grocery bill.  We had the windows down and the music playing while we were driving around.  When we came back I said, “How do you feel about going for a walk?” and Kimm said, “Sure.”  This is kind of so unlike us.  We basically tend to stay in the house, but I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t get out and BE in the day.

So we went down our street and came to a dead end, but then there was a path in the woods and so we were adventurous and decided to follow it.  Turns out there is a little stream and a couple paths in the woods.


Kimm on the path–notice the shorts?–that’s how you KNOW it’s nice out!


Me, looking over the stream–some of it’s still icy

Of course one of the paths led to a drinking spot–a bunch of beer cans thrown around, probably by underage kids–I HATE it when people leave things a mess like that.  I mean, if you’re going to drink, at least pick up your mess.

We couldn’t go as far as we wanted to explore on the path because it became quite wet and would have been messy (we didn’t have the best foot gear on for that!).


LOTS of water!

And we didn’t feel like crossing this either 🙂


Imagine if we fell–then we would have been REALLY wet!

So we headed back and took a street that runs parallel with the street that we drive down to get to our house.  It was a good walk–probably about 30 minutes or so.

Then we did a little perusal of our yard when we were done and decided that we pretty much want to take out all the bushes and stuff running around our back fence.  It really is a mess.  We’d like to start from fresh and just put in what we like.  There is going to be a home show coming up in two weeks, on my weekend off.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get some ideas there for the yard–maybe having a landscaper come in and take out some of the “harder to remove” tree/plant stuff.  And we’ll have to get some new grass going where the pool was in the backyard–the grass is pretty much dead there.   It will be a project that may not all get completed this summer, but then, we do have time 🙂  But if we can get the old bushes/trees out that will be a great first step.  Because we are also thinking of replacing the fence to give a little more privacy–as much as we like the white picket fence, ALL of our neighbors can see into a good portion of the yard…mostly because there are two large portions of the yard that are on the side of the house, and a smaller portion that is in back of the house.

It’s nice to have all these plans!


BUDS!! (on the trees in our yard…we still don’t know what kind of tree this is!)notice the BRILLIANT BLUE sky!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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