Bye Bye Ellen…(at least for now)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

That’s code for “our dvd player bit the dust.”

When I called Kimm last night from work she informed me that the dvd player stopped working.

This was actually very strange because I had just used it to watch an episode of “Ellen” (Christmas gift!) while I was eating before work–with NO problems!

But I think, in hindsight, we could see that this was soon to happen.  We’ve noticed a strange humming several times when we put in a dvd.  There were several times with Netflix movies where the picture kind of froze up for a while–we kept blaming the Netflix discs 🙂  And then there was the every once in a while “disc error…loading…loading” issue where the disc would not be “read” and begin playing.

So now at the top of our “to do” list for the weekend includes looking around and buying a new dvd player.  Thankfully they are not as expensive as they once were.

In other exciting news…both our gas and our electric bills went down drastically this month–both by about $60.  YEAH!!!  I know that the weather has been getting warmer, which makes a big difference in the gas bill–but we were utilizing the digital thermostat more, turning it down when I was sleeping during the day on my days of working.  And as far as the electric bill–we haven’t used the dishwasher ONCE since our last bill and try to only turn on lights when absolutely needed.

It was nice to see our efforts so nicely and monetarily rewarded 🙂

One more day of work and then three off!  Actually last night at work was not bad.  I actually didn’t mind being a nurse last night.  Sure, there were issues, but I KNEW how to handle everything and the night was busy, but not mind-blowing FRUSTRATINGLY busy.  I can’t wait to get my paycheck tomorrow because I had 8 hours of overtime on my last check.

And another good thing–Kimm did my taxes and it seems like I will be getting back approximately $2500.  NICE.  I’m thinking that some of that might go to a nice patio set for the three season porch!

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