10 Inches!

Monday, March 2, 2009

So even though there was hardly any snow on the ground when I went to bed last night, I woke up to a snow-covered world!  It really was beautiful to LOOK at, but let me tell you, I was already DREADING the shoveling!  But I tried not to think about that, and just enjoyed my morning.  I had my FAVORITE coffee–Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Spice.  I pretty much spent the morning just catching up on blogs.  Very low key.  We were debating on what to have for lunch, and based on our INTUITIVE EATING (or at least trying), we decided on a veggie chicken patty sandwich with some of the leftover mac and cheese that Kimm had made the other day when she thought her intuitive eating voice was telling her that was what she wanted, but then she stopped eating because it turned out it wasn’t hitting the spot and she had peanut butter on toast because that’s REALLY what her intuitive voice was telling her she was hungry for!  So she had the Boca regular patty and I had the Morningstar Farm regular patty.  Kimm had decided a while back she didn’t like the texture of the MF one, and I really like the taste of it, so we both had what we wanted.  A basic sandwich–the patty, with melted American cheese on top, then with lettuce and tomato (I had mine with salt and pepper–I really think this makes a huge difference in taste) and of course I dipped mine in ranch dressing.  I love to dip sandwiches.  The mac and cheese was fair.  Kind of bland.  But we ate it anyway, because we hate to waste food.  It’s hard to follow your intuitive eating voice when you are poor!

For DESSERT we each had two Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies.  MMMM!!!!

So I finally decided to go out and shovel about 1:15 pm.  We decided to only shovel half the driveway (the paved part) because there is a big groove in the grass which would be hard to shovel over.  So it only took us about 45 minutes total…not bad.  We also met another neighbor–the one that lives behind us.  He’s a bit strange…meaning he likes to talk A LOT, but he did snow blow the part by our mailbox which was a huge help!

It always feels so good to come in after you shovel.  You feel so warm and cozy–probably from the sweat you built up shoveling!  And you feel accomplished!  Quite a workout!

So here are the before and after pictures…


When I opened the door, there was a bunch of snow right up against the door


The cars, piled high with snow


The picnic table–odd, here it didn’t look like 10 inches, but believe me, it was!


The cars, all cleaned off


The walkway to the garage

Now here’s a few cute pictures of the cats, just because they are so darn cute!


Charlie, “helping” Kimm move stuff from her old dresser to the new one


Madeline, caught mid-yawn on the new bed–kind of IRONIC wouldn’t you say that she is tired and just about to nap when she is constantly waking us up!


Charlie’s new favorite nap spot…seriously, he has hardly moved from the bed since we got it!

That’s it folks.  I’m going to try to get SOME rest before I have to head into work tonight.

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