We’re in for it…

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow, that is!  Yep, just when you figure that spring is on its way and almost all of the snow has melted, you remember that it’s STILL winter!  We are due for anywhere between 4-16 inches of snow.  I’m hoping it will be more towards the lower end.  Plus the temperatures are going to dip close to zero degrees.  Can I tell you how TIRED I am of winter??

Today was a good day.  Low-key for the most part.  I actually was able to sleep pretty well last  night.  It all started when I fell asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie 🙂  So I just went to bed.  And slept until Madeline woke us up at 4 am.  Then into the bathroom she went.  But then I was able to fall right asleep again.  Kimm didn’t really sleep that well.  She kept saying that she was waiting for Madeline to wake her up!

We (meaning Kimm!) did a few things around the house–put up lights and hooks in the bedroom closet, hung an art piece in the bedroom, and the towel rack in the upstairs bathroom.  I did two loads of laundry and a bit more organizing (never ending I tell you!)

Then in anticipation of the big storm (and because we needed to) we went grocery shopping.  I really like grocery shopping.  We spent about $150, which is more than I wanted to, but we spoiled ourselves with some treats (like ice cream for tonight).

Tonight the plan is PURE RELAXATION.  Probably another movie.  Kimm MAY call out tomorrow if there is a lot of snow.

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