Breakfast Oats

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Since so many people love their oatmeal for breakfast, I thought I would give it a try.

First attempt–followed the directions for making the old fashioned oats right off the package (1/2 cup dry oats, 1 cup water, and pinch of salt).  I added in about half a small box of raisins as well during the cooking process.  Cooked for 2 minutes in the microwave.

Well, when I went to open the microwave–DISASTER!  The water had boiled over the sides during cooking, creating quite a sticky mess.  The oatmeal seemed kind of thin to me.  But I let it sit for a few minutes, wiped down the microwave and the bowl and then added my topping–which was a spoonful of Peanut Butter and Company Mighty Maple Peanut Butter.  Have NEVER had peanut butter in oatmeal before, but again, I see it lots in the blog world so I figured I would give it a try.  I had these on Thursday.


Oatmeal with raisins and Mighty Maple pb

My thoughts:  I REALLY liked the pb mixed in the oatmeal–so flavorful and I loved how it melted.  The oatmeal was too thin for me, and kind of too creamy.  The flavor was pretty good, but better where there was lots of peanut butter.  I tended to save those spots to eat last 🙂

So, being determined to give the oatmeal another shot, I did another bowl on Friday.  This time I decided to use less water.  So I did 1/2 cup oatmeal, 3/4 cup water, and pinch of salt.  No raisins.  Not sure I liked them when they were warm.  Cooked in the microwave for 2 1/2 minutes (didn’t go over the side this time!)

To the top I added two chopped dried mission figlets (never had them before but picked them up at the store on a whim–not bad, I’ll have to have them a few times to see if I REALLY like them), a tablespoon of brown sugar, and a tablespoon of the Peanut Butter and Company White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter (a new purchase).


Looks pretty good, huh?

My verdict:  This one was definitely less watery, but still not as thick as I like it.  Maybe I’ll try it with 1/2 cup water next time and maybe with milk instead.  I’m not sure if that will make it thicker.

However, it was pretty good.  The pb was the best part–nice and melty (although by itself it is a little dry).  It really doesn’t taste like white chocolate to me!  Definitely not as good as the Mighty Maple.

I will still continue to work on the oatmeal bowl and try to get it more to my liking!  When I do, I’ll post the perfect bowl 🙂

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