Sleepy Monday

Monday, February 16, 2009

Of all the things I did today, sleep took up the majority of my time, and it wasn’t even because I worked last night!  I just felt extra tired, and knowing that I had to work tonight, I felt I should listen to my body and get whatever extra sleep I could.

I got up with Kimm at about 8 am but then went back to bed from 9:30 until 1 am.   I did do the dishes, unpack one bag from the basement, make lunch and eat with Kimm.  And then after she left, I ran to the store to pick up a few essentials (milk and bread) and some stuff for breakfast.  Both Kimm and I have decided that we need to watch more carefully what we are eating, as the pounds are slowly (NOT–more like really fast!!) creeping back on!  So I’m going to try to first eat a more healthy breakfast–either oatmeal or a slice of multigrain bread with fruit or yogurt.  Here were my finds today…


Quaker Old Fashioned Oats (instead of the quick oats…I’m going to try to make the overnight oats that everyone is raving about in their blogs), Columbo plain yogurt (I really wanted the Fage 2% again, but it’s SOOO expensive–almost $2 for a single serving and this was on sale for $2 for the big container–so I’m going to let it soak over a coffee filter in a strainer to make it thicker like the Greek yogurt), bananas, oranges, some pineapple chunks, and a multigrain bread

BTW, I’m sure Kimm is going to laugh when she sees the yogurt!  There is a story, you see.  Whenever I try to eat healthy, I think I should eat yogurt–it’s a healthy food, right?  But I’m usually not a big fan of the tartness of yogurt.  But lately I’ve been sweetening it on my own and it’s much better.  But Kimm still likes to kid me about the yogurt–espeically because one time I said, “Don’t ever let me buy yogurt again!”  This is why I bought the yogurt on my own!  I love having stories like that with someone.  It’s fun 🙂

And I also want to try to start being a little more crafty to keep myself busy so I won’t be so tempted to snack!  So I dug out this cross stitch pattern book and have decided to work on it (it’ll take me quite a while to finish them all I think).


These are all different windows…I just love how they look and I know once they are all done and framed, it will look awesome (somewhere in the house…not sure where yet!)

And then after getting back from the store, it was back to bed for another nap (only about an hour this time).  And now I am getting ready for work.  So all in all, a pretty boring day.  I can’t wait until Wednesday, because then I have three days off in a row.  Even though Kimm and I had a lot of time off together this weekend, I STILL feel like the time goes by WAY too fast!

Hope everyone had a good Monday.

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Birthday Celebration Sunday…

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Usually Kimm’s family likes to have us over to celebrate birthdays toward the beginning of the year, since my birthday is January 14th, and Kimm and her dad share a birthday on February 1st.  This year, the day ended up being today!  So around 2:30 pm we headed over to her parents house.  Can I just say it’s so nice driving only 10 minutes instead of over 20 minutes?  Another plus for the new house 🙂

Today we had a BUFFET!!  Always a good choice because there are plenty of options for everyone and you can go back plenty of times to graze if you get hungry.  There was lots of food (Kimm’s mom always shows her love with food–we love her!).  The eats included: cheesy broccoli soup, salad, veggies (carrots, green peppers, cucumbers) and dip, cream cheese stuffed celery, salad, mini buns with either American or provolone cheese, ham and turkey (for the non-vegetarians!), deviled eggs, mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce, chicken tenders (again for the non-vegetarians), cheese puffs and potato chips.  Whew!!  Then for dessert Kimm’s brother bought a whole bunch of sweet goodness–Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, lemon sandwich cookies, peanut butter cups, sour skittles.  And of course there was cake and ice cream–vanilla cake with buttercream frosting, with either vanilla or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Needless to say, we were all STUFFED in a short amount of time.

We did gifts as well, which is ALWAYS nice.  I received Season 4 and 5 of Reba and Season 4 of Gray’s Anatomy.  Kimm received a bunch of cds and Season 2 and 3 of House.  We have a LOT of TV dvd to watch 🙂  The cards were in a special place…can you see them?


Yep, it’s the Christmas tree!

Kimm cut the cake–I don’t know WHO let her have the knife!  But I got some good pictures out of it!


Happy Birthday to us!


Oh, no…Kimm with a knife in hand–WATCH OUT!  Her dad doesn’t seem nervous…


The fight begins!


Who’s winning?  Kimm or her father???


Finally down to business!



It was a lot of fun seeing everyone again–we hadn’t seen them since Christmas!  Where does the time go?  The afternoon and evening was pretty much spent talking and watching episodes of Cheers.  That sure brought back the memories.  We did a lot of laughing.

I’ll leave you with a picture of me and Kimm…100_1208

Not bad for a self-taken picture 🙂

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