Last Day of January

Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is going to be a quick one just because I’m actually able to have a nice relaxing night at home with Kimm tonight.  And that makes me VERY happy 🙂

I truly CANNOT believe that one month of the year is already gone.  Seriously.  Where does the time go?

So, even though this was my weekend “off” I spent a portion of the day (too much in my opinion!) sleeping.  I was able to get up at about 2 pm and then I felt like the day could begin.  But of course because I only got about 6 hours of sleep (WAY less than I need) I had to practically peel my eyelids open!  But then once I was up, it was a great day.

Just sat around and read during the afternoon (while Kimm was watching her hockey game).  I spent just a little bit of time wrapping Kimm’s gifts because tomorrow is her birthday!!  Then we decided to take a trip back out to Holyoke (where we moved from) to get some grinders that we absolutely LOVE.

And while we were there we got some alcoholic beverages to have on hand (Smirnoff Ice for me and BBC Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale–Whew, that’s a long name–for Kimm).  Also picked up some Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Hot Damn! (hot cinnamon schnapps), and some Triple Sec.  Our bar is slowing expanding.



Also stopped at Stop and Shop to pick up the fixings for guacamole (Kimm’s choice because it’s her birthday!), and some ice cream (yep, we’re being totally bad), and a breakfast treat (cheese danish ring) to have with our coffee tomorrow.  Oh, oodles of yumminess!



And then the meal.

Have you ever just said “yumm” about 50 times while you were eating?  Well that is what we both did.  This is just a hole in the wall pizza/grinder place that we finally tried the veggie grinders at and boy are we sorry we didn’t try them earlier.  Really.  De.lic.i.ous.  We get a 16 inch that we share.  The veggies include: onions, green peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and lettuce (I know, sounds strange, but really good).  Then American cheese….melty, gooey, wonderfulness since this is a hot, toasted sandwich.  Then we get an order of steak fries–normally I’m not a fan of these (too thick), but these are crispy on the outside and melt in your mouth on the inside.  Again, cannot get over how good this meal was.



Tonight we are going to watch a movie and then probably call it a night.

And tomorrow will be so much fun.  First is the cake making (which I will post about most definitely).  And the gifts.  And more good food.  I just love birthdays, even when they are not my own 🙂

Oh yeah, as usual, Madeline was being naughty, climbing on our DVD holder, knocking down some loose DVDS, and in general being a nuisance.  So Kimm grabbed her up and made her stay in her arms as “punishment.”  Boy, Madeline was NOT happy with that, but it turned into an adorable picture.


“Queen” of the hill


Stretching out…


In mommy’s arms…look at Madeline’s eyes and feet…she is NOT happy…

I love this picture of Kimm.   She’s so cute!

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