The Closet is FINALLY done!

Friday, January 30, 2009

That’s right.   I finally just decided to do it today and I am very happy I did.  Even though it took a long time (almost FIVE hours!), it is so worth it.  It looks so different, so nice.  So much better than the pink.  So here are some pictures.  I know they are not that great but it is kind of hard to take pictures of the inside of a closet 🙂


This is on my side of the closet.  The white shelving units were installed prior to us getting here.  Let me just tell you, they are a PAIN to paint around.   You will also notice that the there is a window frame–yes, in the closet!  I guess this closet must have been created for the room and they built it right around the window.  So the window frame was dark wood and I have primed it and will be painting it the same white as all of the rest of the trim.


This is the shelving unit in the center of the closet that we use for t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.  Again a pain to paint around.


And this is Kimm’s side of the closet.  Same kind of shelving unit as on my side.

So, I know I keep saying this, but I think the bedroom will almost be done soon.  I just have to do the two windows, the trim around the closet, the door, and one more coat on the baseboards.  So hopefully by sometime next week that will be all done and then we can get that furniture delivered.

Well, I have been writing this as I was HOPING to get cancelled for at least the first four hours tonight.  But it is 5:05 pm and no call yet.  Considering that they usually call by 5:02 (I really have this down to a science!) I don’t think I’m in much luck.  This totally sucks because this is the night that Kimm gets out early and I was hoping to spend some time with her.  But this usually happens–when I really want it, it doesn’t happen.  But hey, I guess I should just be happy I have a job.  At least I  have the weekend off.

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