Second Coat Done!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am pretty psyched!  Now the actual walls in the bedroom are done.  It was kind of strange putting the second coat up only because when we put the first coat up it was putting blue on the white primer, whereas this time because the wall was blue, the new paint going up actually looked white.  Weird, huh?  But thankfully it dried the same color.  You always get that nervous feeling, like, did they mix us up the right color???  It looks really good.  No white spots showing through.

And I really got my fill of painting today since I (FINALLY) primed the inside of the closet in the bedroom (remember the pink!).  I really don’t know who decided to paint the inside of that closet pink.  It is quite ugly.  It took me about 3 hours or so to prime the inside of the closet.  It was NOT fun.  There were so many little things to go around (all the shelving and closet organizer parts) and not to mention that the closet is SMALL so for a good portion of the time I was bent in uncomfortable positions.  I painted just a little bit of the blue on the wall in the closet tonight and from what it seems, I might have to do two coats.  I’m really hoping that is not the case.  But I’ll be able to tell better tomorrow when there is actually light in the room.

Then the only thing left will be the trim (baseboards, windows, door).  I’ll probably do that one day this week, maybe Thursday when Kimm is at work.  We’ll see though because I work the night before.

The furniture place called too letting us know that the furniture is in.  The furniture is from Bob’s Discount.  I REALLY like it.  Our set is called the Providence.   That dark wood is going to look so nice against the blue walls.  I’m getting so excited about having the room done.  We still have to pay the balance on the bedroom furniture (and the split queen box springs because remember ours put a hole in our stairwell as we were trying to force it up!).  So hopefully by the end of this week or the next we will have it!

By the way, did everyone see that a set of octuplets was born in CA yesterday?  Eight babies.  WOW.  That is all I can say.

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  1. it’s pretty amazing that all eight of those babies survived the birthing process

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