Another day, another dollar…

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had to work yesterday and so came home today to sleep.  Which, by the way, I never realized how tired I really was in the morning after getting done with work.  But having to drive 15 minutes home instead of 1 minute home really allows that fact to shine through 🙂  Now most days when I’m driving home I’m struggling to keep my eyes open.   But usually I resist having a coffee too close to when I come home because I want to be able to sleep when I get home.  It’s a subtle balance between wanting to stay awake enough to drive, but then not so much that I’m wide-eyed when I get home!

But seriously, I LOVE sleeping during the day.  I actually think that I get my best sleep on my days when I sleep during the day after working, because I AM so tired.  My head hits the pillow and I’m OUT!

So, tonight I’m heading back in for my second day on and then I’ll have two days off.

Kimm made a yummy meal (mini pizzas with tomatoes and onions) that we’re about to eat.

And then off to work.  Speaking of dollars…we were talking at work yesterday about how last year we got a 4% cost of living wage increase at the hospital (it started in April but we were notified sometime in the beginning of the year).  Somehow I don’t think that will happen this year with the economy, and with the fact that the hospital has seven years to pay off the pension to those who are still due it.

It’s very frustrating.  I mean, at least cost of living.  It would be nice to see at least a 2% increase.  But hey, we did get a thank you from our hospital administrator (a FREE meal at our cafeteria–whoo, whoo!–that is sarcastic by the way) for our great JACHO survey.  Did I mention that I really hate it when places where you work use food to thank you instead of some monetary compensation…grrr.

Anyways, hope everyone had a good weekend.

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