Color on the Wall!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

So we did it!  We put ACTUAL color on the wall.  And it doesn’t look half bad!  Although we now know that we’ll have to do another coat because there are some light areas showing through.  But because we see ACTUAL color on the wall, I don’t think we’re going to mind as much 🙂

So, after priming last night, we both only had one thing to say–“This room looks like poopy-shit!”  Let me tell you that primer does not look that great on walls.  It looks spotty and streaky.  We were VERY discouraged.

This is what it looked like…


See how you can still see some of the grey showing through?   We were NOT impressed!

But then, after priming for THREE (!) hours, I spent some time online trying to find out how primer is supposed to look on a wall.  Very difficult information to find, but I did happen to see a few sites that said primer is not designed to look “perfect.”  So that was our only hope…that our “not perfect” priming job would provide an okay background for our true wall color.

We both went to bed feeling VERY tired and achy–Kimm her back and me my legs and knees.

Woke up this morning full of energy again.  Had our coffee.  Then attacked the room again.

I don’t know why I didn’t show the color before…but here are the two colors we are using…the blue is the wall color and the white is for the trim…


I just LOVE paint samples!

So, we opened the paint can and started.  It actually seemed to go much faster today.  We used the pole we had gotten for the roller which helped Kimm become Speedy Gonzalez!  I followed doing the trim work.  And then when we were done I did two more coats of primer on the baseboards because the dark wood was still showing through.  But now it will be ready for trim color.

So here is the color on the wall!



However, you can’t see from this distance that there are some white spots showing through.  So we need to get another can of paint and do another coat.  The goal is to get it on Monday and paint the second coat on Monday night.  And then we’ll do the trim maybe on Tuesday.  And we still need to do the closet.  But I will probably do that on one of my days off when Kimm is at work since only one person can fit in there at a time.

But I can’t tell you how proud we both are that we actually did this painting together.  We both feel so accomplished!  I tell you, by the time we paint the rest of the rooms in the house, we’ll be painting experts 🙂

Even the cats were involved, marching around the newly painted room…


Madeline’s behind 🙂


Charlie amongst the drop cloths…

Oh the excitement!  Now we can’t wait to get our “grown up” furniture and new comforter in the room.  It’s going to look so nice.  And maybe even an art project for the wall.  Look at me being all artsy fartsy!

Hey, maybe it’s the paint fumes 🙂  Kimm and I WERE a bit giddy last night 🙂

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