Prepping the Room

Friday, January 23, 2009

I figure I better write this now because I won’t feel like writing later after Kimm and I get done priming 🙂

So today while Kimm was at work I spent the morning and afternoon getting the bedroom ready for the priming this evening.  You would think it wouldn’t take that long.  I mean, it’s a small room.  But then you would be thinking incorrectly.  Foolishly.  Silly, even.  Why is it that things ALWAYS take longer than you think they will??

The first order of business was to move the bed from the bedroom into the library room which is just next door.  That took about a half hour I would say, to move the mattress, re-make the bed, and set up the nightstands with everything on them on each side of the bed.  Then I spackled anything that needed to be re-spackled since last night (you would be amazed that you miss things the first time around!) and then I proceeded to caulk a bunch of spaces that were not meeting correctly (like where the baseboard meets the wall, or in the door–there were actually spots where you could see right through the door!).  Caulking was fun.  It’s like working with glue.  Kind of reminded me of being a kid in art class again.  But I can’t tell you what a difference it made in so many areas of the room.  Just a cleaner, sharper appearance.  I suppose it didn’t REALLY need to be done, but then, I want to do things the RIGHT way, since this is something I own now.  You know, the whole pride of ownership thing 🙂

Then came the taping.  I taped all around the bottom of the baseboards just in case the drop cloths don’t catch everything.  Then all around the windows.  And the door knobs.  And the light electrical outlets.  Believe me, it was a lot of taping.  I was DONE taping if you know what I mean.

Then lastly I sanded a few rough spots on the wall and then swept the floor.

So when Kimm comes home in about a half hour, we will move the two dressers to the middle of the room and cover them with a drop cloth.  Then we will commence with the priming.  We are seriously hoping that it doesn’t take longer than 2 (at the most 3) hours.  But I’m sure it will take longer than we expect.  But we are going to just grab a snack to eat and have our meal after we are done.  We figure we won’t really want to do something after filling our bellies!

So here are a few pictures so far…


Here’s the door leading into the bedroom…notice the painter’s tape on the baseboard…


Here’s the two dressers…it sure will be nice to have a matching set soon! (notice the bright pink in the closet that also has to be primed and painted!)


Here’s the window…notice the painter’s tape on the window and on the outlet below.


And here’s the wall color as of now.  It’s not that easy to tell from this picture, but it’s a light grey.  Soon to be Oceantide!!!

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