Thursday, January 22, 2009

That is (or WILL be) the color of our master bedroom.  After holding up different paint samples to our comforter (which is cream with orange and brown) last evening, Kimm and I finally decided what shade of blue to use.  The blue is light, yet with enough contrast to really show off the dark woodwork of our bedroom set and the brown and orange of the comforter.  Its going to be so cool when it’s done!  Oh yeah, and the trim will be White on White.  Both are Glidden brand paint, the Evermore variety (which I guess is their top end paint), in a matte finish (meaning no gloss).

And tonight we went to Home Depot and bought the paint, the primer, and all of the supplies.  Came to about $170 (gulp!!).   But the good thing is that a lot of the paint supplies (rollers, drop cloths, brushes, paint pans) will be used again for our future painting projects.  The paint itself I didn’t think was too expensive (about $18 a gallon, the primer was $15 a gallon).

So guess what we are going to be doing this weekend? 🙂 Tomorrow will be priming, and then Saturday morning/afternoon before I go to work will be painting.  Hopefully it will go well without too many mishaps.

After it is painted then we will FINALLY be able to get our bedroom furniture here and then one room will be for the most part completely done!  Pictures of the process to be posted in the near future…

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