Friday, January 16, 2009

Don’t you just hate it when you find out at work that you have extra responsibilities that you never even knew existed?

Take last night.  Worked a pretty normal night (meaning I had one crazy patient who was demanding as all get out, requesting pain med, anti-nausea med, migraine headache med, and more every single half hour…and NEVER slept all night long), and of course lost our aide halfway through the night and didn’t get a replacement, AS USUAL.  So we (meaning me and the other two nurses I worked with) are giving report to the next shift when the day supervisor comes in and says, “Kaye, I just want to let you know that the crash carts were not checked last night and that’s YOUR responsiblity.”


Okay, usually when we have an aide working the whole night THEY are the ones that check the crash cart.  Which I told to the supervisor.  She responds with, “But it’s still your responsibility to make sure that they get it done.”  To which I reply, “Well, usually when we don’t have an aide all night the aide from the other side will come and check it.”  To which my supervisor said, “Well, it wasn’t done, and it’s your responsibility and that was the first thing that JACHO checked when they came.”

Talk about GUILT.

JACHO comes to every hospital to make sure that all the standards are being met by every hospital and it inspires fear into the hearts of the management team because they check EVERYTHING and ask nurses tons of questions.

So I said to my supervisor…”Well, can you show me how to do it because we often don’t have an aide during the night.”  I just NEEDED to get that little dig in because our side ALWAYS loses an aide first.  It really pisses me off.

And then just to top it all off, I asked another RN as I was leaving if she knew that was our responsibility and she said, “Well, technically it’s the responsibility of the charge nurse.”

Isn’t that funny?  A charge nurse who makes sure everything is done.  A charge nurse which we NEVER have on our side because they are too freakin’ CHEAP to pay the extra differential to make that happen.

I’m steaming!!!!

And back to work I go again…

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