The Second Book

Monday, Janurary 12, 2009

The second book of the year that I read is…”Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip–Confessions of a Cynical Waiter” by, you guessed it, THE WAITER.

And I HIGHLY recommend this book.  Super funny, very “Wow, I didn’t know THAT went on at any restuarant I eat at!,” and for a book based on someone’s occupational experiences, a real page-turner.  I read this book in about three days or so.

I found out about this book while searching Barnes and Noble’s top 100 books (which I do randomly to get new ideas for books to read).  The book is actually based on a blog written by the same anonymous person, which you can find here.

I actually found so many connections between waitering and working in a hospital, it was downright SCARY.  Oh yeah, there are plenty of horror stories at the hospital as well, which maybe I’ll share this year.  But somehow when it comes to healthcare, you don’t really want to hear horror stories–it’s not as funny as reading about someone spitting in food.

Since I’ve been having such a stressful time at work lately the chapter I related to the most was Chapter 20 entitled, “If It Can Go Wrong, It Will.”   Take this excerpt…

“…I’m suffering from burnout.  Every server eventually faces this situation.  Years of toiling in the dysfunctional atmosphere of the restaurant business slowly robs you of any desire to be hospitable.  You start looking at the customers, the people who provide your income, as the enemy.  Since waiters shouldn’t be nasty to the customers, they develop a customer-friendly armor to protect the soft parts of their psyche from emotional assault.  You can wear that armor for a while, maybe a long time, but eventually the cracks begin to show.  You can’t hide forever.” (p. 261).

Substitute nurse for waiter, hospital for restaurant, and patient for customers and totally reminds me of how I feel most nights after work.

Maybe this job will remind you of your job too.

Thankfully this guy got out of the rut by becoming a writer.  So maybe there’s hope for us all.


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