Paczki and Parting…

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just love alliteration!

So today is Saturday, normally a day I LOVE (when I don’t have to go into work!).  And unfortunatly for me, I do have to go into work tonight.  It is very strange though because this is the first schedule since I have started being a nurse working 36 hours a week (which is about a year and a half) where I have not had to work Friday, Saturday, Sunday on my weekend on.  They (at the hospital) are trying something new where on our weekends on, we only work the days that are considered our weekends, which are Saturday and Sunday.  I do have to say it was quite nice not to have to go in yesterday night.  Of course the only downside of this is that on our weekends off, they (again, those pesky hospital schedulers) have the 12 hour shift nurses working Thursday and Friday.  This is NOT a good thing, because basically after you’ve worked a shift on Friday going into Saturday, you’re going to need some sleep, which has to take place during the day on Saturday, which is technically supposed to be part of your weekend off. Not so much OFF when you are sleeping through a good majority of the day.  Since weekends are pretty much the only time I get to see Kimm regularly, I don’t want to waste them sleeping too much.  So next weekend when I have “off” (now I use this term loosely) I will sleep for a few hours and try to get up around noon so I can have the majority of the day with her.  We shall see how that works.  But as for this weekend, my “on” weekend, it really was nice to be able to spend Friday night and all day today together.

So what did we do with all that time?  Well, yesterday we went out to do some shopping.  We went to Sears to return the comforter that we originally thought was THE ONE for the bedroom, but then later discovered really was not when we saw another one at Target that really was THE ONE.  So after returning the one at Sears (kind of a cranberry color, solid), we went to Target to pick up the one we really want now (which is cream with brown branches and deep orange leaves with some brown birds…just think Asian themed and you’ll kind of get it…don’t worry since this is the first room we are doing you’ll see pictures soon enough).  Then after getting the comforter we had to find sheets to match because of course this particular comforter set did not come with matching sheets…which is kind of a pet peeve of mine…do you know how hard it is to find sheets to match???  Well, let me tell you, for us, it is pretty difficult.  We eventually decided on brown, but then finding the EXACT brown to match was another story.  Now I was willing to do my very best to find the perfect sheet set, no matter how long it took, but I guess Kimm was not of the same willingness.  How do I know this you ask?  Well, as we were comparing some sheets (after about at least a half hour of back and forth comparisons), Kimm blurts out…”I’m done looking at sheets now!”

OKAY!!  Now we have always said that we need to be more honest with each other and tell each other exactly what we are feeling, regardless of how we think the other person will feel (because we tend to only say what will make the other person not mad…not the best way to build a relationship since you’re not really sure what the other person is REALLY thinking).   But here Kimm got right to the point.  WHOA!  And so we took the sheets that we were looking at (which by the way were really nice ones…350 thread count, 2 sets for the price of one–about $70 for the two sets, one with a subtle stripe texture and the other solid, nice chocolate brown…I AM happy and hopefully Kimm is too).

All I have to say is that I’ll NEVER forget the phrase, “I’m done looking at sheets now.”  Everytime I think of it I crack up laughing!  I think I’ve said it to Kimm AT LEAST five times since yesterday.  It’s kind of nice to have something that only the two of you share that makes you laugh 🙂

Anyways, after Target, we headed to Home Depot (our new favorite store) and bought some door locks because some of my hospital nursing buddies told me it was easy (yikes!) to replace door locks by yourself.  So with some trepidation I cancelled the guy who was going to come change the locks for us on Friday and we bought our own locks (a set for the side door, front door and garage door for about $50…if we can do this, then we will be saving about $70 because it was going to cost $120 for the locksmith to come do it).  And if we can do it I’ll be especially proud because we’ll have done something BY OURSELVES!!

Then after Home Depot we even hit the grocery store to do some shopping knowing that we wouldn’t have a lot of time until next week because I was working.  We were wicked tired, but we did it.  We were a little slap stick happy at that point.  We got home, got everything put away, and then relaxed for a bit before bed (which really translates to Kimm falling asleep on the couch while I was watching TV!!).  We were in bed by 1 am.

But the best thing was we slept in until 11:30 this morning!  Who-who!!!  That’s awesome.  I can’t remember the last time we slept in so long!  It felt soooo good.

Now for the paczki part…for breakfast we had coffee and paczki.  What are paczki you ask?  They are a Polish donut.  We saw them at the store yesterday and decided to splurge on a treat since it was the weekend.  The paczki we had were filled with lemon curd and they were de-lic-i-o-sus!!!!  If you want more information on paczki, look here.


This is not a picture I took, but rather one I found on the web…only cause I’m lazy right now and I’m in a hurry because I have to get ready for work soon!  But that lemon one looks exactly like the one we had and that red box matches the one that ours came in!

Paczki are very yummy and if you see them in your bakery, give them a try.

As for the parting…the Christmas tree and us parted today.  Yep, right now it is on our front lawn, ready to get picked up sometime this month.  It took us about two hours to take down the tree.  That’s one hour more than I predicted.  How come things ALWAYS take longer than you think they will?!?  Taking down the tree really opens up the living room space.  Soon though it will be filled up with a bookcase that Kimm’s brother is donating to us that will house DVDs and CDs.  We still have the rest of the Christmas stuff to put away, but we’ll do that one of these weeknights next week.

But alas, now I must hop in the shower and get ready for work.  Not only do I have to work tonight, but we are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow overnight.  All I have to say about that is….poopy-shit!  I do not like snow, especially when I have to shovel it.  And since we still have ice down on our walkway and driveway, it’s not going to be pleasant shoveling.  The only good thing is that it’s supposed to be the light fluffy kind, and not the break your back heavy kind!

Adios until tomorrow…

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