Friday, January 9, 2009

It seems like I’ve been battling clutter ever since I can remember.

When I was a child, I would put all of my “important stuff” in the bottom drawer of my dresser.  At least daily, I would reorganize that drawer.  Thinking back, I’m sure that drawer was really filled with a bunch of junk, but to a child, it was everything I held dear.  And because I would rearrange it so frequently, everything actually was neat and non-cluttered.

However, after I moved out of my home, into my college dorm, the clutter began.  Maybe it was because dorm rooms are so darn small.  I mean, who can be expected to keep EVERYTHING one owns neat and uncluttered in a room that’s approximately 8″ by 12″ that you then have to share with another human being?  Uh, huh, just as I suspected, it’s not so easy to come up with an easy answer to that one, is there!  Again, looking back, this would have been the ideal time to pare down my possessions, keeping only that which was essential.  But because I never did that, my clutter moved with me.

From the time I had my first apartment, I always had “piles” of stuff that I needed to put somewhere, either filed away, or placed in the perfect location (which I had NO idea where that was at the time!).  The piles would grow larger and larger, until eventually I would get frustrated because I couldn’t find something that I needed, and so I would go through the piles, sorting things, filing things, throwing out things…but I would ALWAYS be left with some part of the pile…the part that I had ABSOLUTELY no idea what to do with…and then that pile would slowly grow again.

Lots of times I would think, “Do I really need all this stuff?”  “What would happen if there was a fire and all of this stuff was burned up?”  Many times I would be tempted to just throw ALL of it away.  I mean, lots of the stuff I hadn’t looked at in months.  But then, just before I would get up the nerve to do that, I would stop myself and say, “But maybe there’s something in there that I might need someday!”  And so the piles would remain.

It was one of my goals that when I moved into the house that the clutter would stop.  Well, it’s been almost a month since moving in and there’s still clutter.  Although I do have to say that the first couple of weeks couldn’t be helped because everything is cluttered when you move.  But now I have put away most of my stuff.  And lots of it was easy…like the books–in the bookcase, the dvds–in the dvd holder, the crafts–in the upstairs closet.   But then I once again come to the end of the pile stuff.  Which essentially still amounts to two plastic bins full of stuff.  They’ve been sitting in front of my desk for a few days now and every time I look at them I get overwhelmed.

But today was different.  Today I felt motivated.  Today I made a dent.  I actually filed quite a bit of that stuff and threw a good amount of it away as well.  Now I only have ONE plastic bin of stuff to go through.  And so as to not make myself crazy, I have given myself til the end of the month to conquor the rest of it.  Then I made a plan to keep a small plastic bin by my desk that I will put stuff into that I need to file and then once a week, I will attack that so as to keep the pile under control.  I’m really hoping this works.  Because I don’t want to be in this same cluttered situation a year from now.  I have better things to do with my life than go through piles of stuff all the time!  Here’s to a non-cluttered life!

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