1st Liquor for the Bar

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today turned out to be a pretty lazy day.  Although I did clean the bathrooms (yes, now that I’m a homeowner I have not one, but TWO bathrooms to clean…ughh…NOT my favorite task) and do a load of laundry.  Okay, yeah, that’s really not that much, so I really was lazy!  But I also got up early when Kimm was getting ready to go to work in order to go outside and scrape the ice off of her car (and mine too while I was at it) from the freezing rain we had had yesterday.  Again, not a fun task.  There was a ton of ice on the walkway as well and I used some of the salt that we bought that is supposed to melt the ice, making it slushy so it’s easy to shovel–right!  That is so NOT what this product does.  It basically just sat on TOP of the ice.   I never used that ice melt stuff before.  I followed the directions…well I may have been a bit skimpy with the amount of ice melt stuff I put down…it’s just that as I was sprinkling it (6 cups in total!) I felt like I was throwing away money…like sprinkling coins on the ground.  Next time when I try using it, I’ll use more.

But, in between my productiveness/lazyness today, I decided what type of liquor to buy first to stock our bar.  And the decision is….VODKA.  I choose this simply because there are several types of drinks that can be made from vodka and only a few mix-ins.  I found this website, Drink of the Week, which was very informative regarding different types of vodka drinks to make.

Here are the drinks that I will try making once we have a bottle of vodka (and the mix-ins):

Bay Breeze (vodka, pineapple juice and cranberry juice)

Cape Cod (vodka and cranberry juice)

Cosmopolitan (vodka, cranberry juice, Triple Sec, and lime juice)

Creamsicle (vodka, Triple Sec, orange juice, and cream)

Electric Peach (vodka, cranberry juice, Peach Schnapps, orange juice)

Lemon Drop (vodka, lemon juice, sugar)

Orange Crush (vodka, Triple Sec, orange juice)

Screwdriver (vodka, orange juice)

White Russian (vodka, Kahlua, and cream)

Of course, those are the ingredients only, not the amounts of each ingredients, or how to mix the drink.  But all that information is also on the Drink of the Week website.  Once I make a drink, I’ll post a picture and let you know how I liked it.  I’m very excited to try mixing my own drinks.  It’s something that I always wanted to try doing, but just never did.  So wish me luck!

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