Tuesday, January 6, 2009, approximately 5:30 pm

Here I am, getting ready to eat my dinner (which by the way in case you’re interested is Boca chicken patty sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo) before I go into work and all I can think is…what should I blog about??  This is kind of hard 🙂  That’s only because all I did was sleep all day!

But then I decided to quickly tell you about some music that I received for Christmas.  It’s the latest P!nk cd (Funhouse) which I ABSOLUTELY love love love!!  I requested it because it has the top hit “So What” which I heard once and really liked.  So when I got the cd I wasn’t expecting to really like many of the other songs (just because I’m kind of particular with music).  But I have learned something about myself.  I now know that I must listen to music a few times before I can really make a decision on whether I like it or not.  The first time listen to this cd and I was just like, “ahh, it’s fair,” but by the 3rd and 4th listen, I was like, “this cd rocks!”  In fact I have been listening to it non-stop on my drive in to work and it really pumps me up to face the night.  I highly recommend this cd to anyone looking for some new music to listen to.  My favorite songs on the cd are of course “So What”, but also “Sober,” “Ave Mary A,” “I Don’t Believe You,” “Please Don’t Leave Me,” “Mean,” and “It’s All Your Fault.”  Like I said, pretty much the entire CD.  The Barnes and Noble website lets you listen to samples, so take a listen!

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Getting in Some Laughs

Tuesday, January 6, 2009, approximately 8:15 am

As I was driving home from work this morning, I mulled over what I would write in my blog (the one that should really be for yesterday yet, and then I’ll be all caught up!)  I thought, hmmm…I could go on and on about all of my crazy, demanding patients, but then that would be really boring.  But just a REALLY quick note on that…all I have to say is that I used to think I had a lot of patience, but working at the hospital for a year and a half has taught me that I have little to no patience!  Yikes!  Not very good when you are stuck taking care of the same patients for 12 hour stretches.  Thank goodness I have lots of colleagues to voice my frustrations to.  So then I began thinking of how I deal with the frustration of stressful days at work.  And I realized that I really am helped by comedy, even though I don’t always utilize it.  But some days I’ll come home and watch a quick Will & Grace while I eat my toast before bed–listening to Jack’s one-liners can really put a smile on my face.  Another favorite TV show that I just recently started watching (and actually received the first three seasons on DVD for Christmas) is Reba.  That show is FUNNY!  I laugh AT LEAST 10-15 times (OUT LOUD) while watching.  And I really do feel better after that.  And if you’ve never watched Still Standing, that’s another great TV show for laughs.  The only problem for me is that I’ve seen all the episodes and therefore when they play on TV they’re not so funny because I know what to expect…but sometimes even if I know what is going to happen they are wicked funny.  So, if you are feeling at all stressed, or even if you are not and want to avoid feeling stressed, there is nothing like a good laugh to relax you and make you not take everything so seriously.

(Note: The links give additional info for each of these shows from Wikipedia, one of my favorite sites to find out additional stuff about pretty much anything…enjoy!)

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