The Good and the Bad

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today was good and bad.

The good is that I went to get my new glasses adjusted AGAIN (2nd time) because they were still bothering me (in fact my eyes were so strained and sore, I had to switch back to my old glasses yesterday).  However, when I told the eyeglass woman (what do you call those people?) what was occurring, she checked the prescription in her handy-dandy microscope looking thing, did some rotating of my left lens, and wala!–they are now super!  Turns out that the curvature of the lens needed for my left eye was slightly off.  You would have thought that SOMEONE would have thought to check this before giving me my glasses.  So this makes me very happy, because I was originally thinking I just wasted a lot of money if they couldn’t correct them.  She even put non-slip silicone nose pads on so they wouldn’t slide down the bridge of my nose anymore (thank goodness, since my last pair did this constantly, and there wasn’t even any nose pads!).

The second thing that was good was that I received the TITLE to my car in the mail today!!!!!!  So yes, now, OFFICIALLY, I own my car.  What a feeling.  So now I can take that $275 a month that I was paying out and apply it to my last credit card (yes, I STILL have one left).

Now, the reason that this was a bad day, was that I read my friend Frank’s blog.  I know I’ve mentioned Frank before, but if you want to know more about this wonderful person, visit his blog here.  Anyways, he is the one that Kimm and I visited in California, the one who was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, the one who has been pushing through tough rounds of chemo, the one that has adopted a new baby boy, the one that is fighting for his life.  Just a little while ago he had blogged that he was cancer free–I was ECSTATIC!  But now, after just reading his blog, there is the chance that the cancer may have gone into his bone marrow since his white blood count has gone down and his platelet count is not going up as fast as his oncologist thinks it should.  So, in order to find out, he had to have a bone marrow and bone biopsy (both incredibly painful experiences) done–the preliminary results are due back tomorrow.   In the meantime, this has been devastating to him, as far as his mood and mental state.  As a nurse, I STRONGLY believe that how a person thinks/feels impacts what is physically happening in the body.  Hearing how depressed and worried Frank is feeling is heart-wrenching.  Please, send positive thoughts to him. The worst part was reading that he wondered if anybody would even remember him if his worst fear came true and he died.  First of all, I don’t want to even let that thought enter my mind.  Because I don’t think he realizes how MUCH he would be missed and remembered.  But now we are focusing on the LIVING!  And Frank needs all the support he can to push through this.

Frank, I’m thinking of you all the time, as I know others are too.  We love you and know you can get through WHATEVER lies ahead.

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