Numbers Don’t Lie

Wednesday, September 4, 2008

Okay, so maybe sometimes you can’t totally trust numbers, but I needed a snappy title for my post!  Anyways, it has finally happened…I have surpassed 1,000 views on my blog…WOW!  So that either means that my few loyal readers (Mom, Kurt, Kimm…thanks!) are viewing a lot, or other random people are following my blog or being directed to my site based on a web search.  Regardless, 1,000 views!!  Not bad for starting this blog in March.

September is upon us.  I don’t know what that means for other people but for me it means the start of school.  My one year of enjoying no school is done.  I shall now be enmeshed in learning everything I need to know (at least that’s the premise) in order to be a nurse practitioner for the next 5-6 years!  That seems like such a long time away.  But I’m going to try to think of it in terms of each semester only.  How else will I be able to endure that long?

I had an EXTREMELY relaxing (yet busy) past five days off.   Yes, that’s right, five days off.  With me having Labor Day off this year my schedule worked to my advantage.  Of course now that means that the next week is not going to be much fun as I have to work tonight, have only one night off, then work the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun), have two days off, then back on for two days before having the next weekend off.  But I’ll get through it just as I always have.  It’ll be interesting working school work around a 12 hour shift.  The good thing is that by having all my classes online I can do stuff whenever is convenient for me.

So what did Kimm and I do during my time off?  Well, I thought you’d never ask!  Basically we did a lot of shopping!  And it was fun!  Normally I’m not too much into consumerism, but sometimes you just feel the need to buy something.  And it had been QUITE some time since I had bought anything for myself since I have been focusing so much on paying off my debt.  But I really needed some new clothes, so off we went!  And it was successful!  After buying new stuff (which I could show you if my camera hadn’t died…but good news, it has been shipped off to be repaired!) I then proceeded to reorganize my dresser and closet, getting rid of a nice amount of stuff that I wasn’t really wearing and that was basically just taking up space.  Now everything is nice and neat.  It makes you feel so peaceful just opening the drawers!  The other big purchase was new eyeglasses and sunglasses.  I haven’t purchased new eyeglasses for about three years so it was time.  And let me just tell you, it is tough trying on new glasses when you can’t see exactly what you look like…it’s all a blur.  But with Kimm’s help I finally found a pair.  And the price wasn’t bad since I found them at BJ’s (the bulk food shopping store we go to…yes, don’t laugh!).  I got both pairs for the price I would normally pay for just the eyeglasses.

In addition to shopping I’ve been doing more cooking.  It’s been lots of fun.  Yesterday I made homemade applesauce–what a smell!  And for dinner Ziti Casserole in the slow cooker.  So yummy.  Again, I would have pictures, but no camera.

Kimm started school again as well.  Get ready for this interesting class…Business Law (can you hear the sarcasm?)  It’ll be a race to see who falls asleep faster when reading our textbooks!

Now it’s off to making some posts for my class.  I’m thrilled, can’t you tell.

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