Week Five “TBL” Results

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Well, it has been a LONG, DISAPPOINTING, and HUNGRY week for both of us.  We are making progress, but ever so slowly!

Kaye: Down 1.1 pounds (total = 14.7 pounds)

Kimm: Down 0.8 pounds (total = 10.4 pounds)

It’s very frustrating when you are so careful and so good during the week to see the scale move so little!  But we are not giving up.  When we look at the big picture, myself losing 15 pounds in 5 weeks and her losing 10 pounds, that is amazing!  If you don’t think so, go out and buy three five-pound bags of sugar, stick them in a backpack, and carry it on your back all day long and tell me that you don’t feel a difference (well, I’ve never actually done this but every time I carry the cat litter, which is 40 pounds, up four flights of stairs I say to myself, “that’s a lot of weight!”)

On a different note, we will both be beginning school again this next week.  Myself, I will be taking Nursing Informatics (sounds exciting, right!) and Principles of Epidemiology.  My sweetie will be learning all about Business Law (now that sounds like something that would put me immediately to sleep!).  Maybe all the schoolwork will keep us distracted from how HUNGRY we are 🙂

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